Sunday, May 23, 2010

TMI warning

The cottonwoods have exploded. There is white fluff floating everywhere. And allergy sufferers are hiding inside. This one is anyway. This would be a perfectly acceptable situation if there weren't a completely different source of allergy hell in my living room. My mothers cats have come to stay for a bit. Mama Bird and her husband are having some work done in their place, so the furballs are with me. And yes, I am allergic to them. I have not allowed them into my room, preferring to have one place to breathe freely. Except, I can't breathe right now. At least not easily.
I should say that I love the cats. I do. No, really I DO. But... I hate not being able to breathe. And the constant itching isn't really all that much fun either.
I spent a good portion of today (and yesterday afternoon) polishing Mama Birds bookcases. With car wax. Since they are made of metal, the car wax is less odd than it sounds. It took awhile. And tomorrow I get to put the books back. All of them. Have I mentioned that they have roughly elebenty million books? Most of them huge? No? They do, and they are. The upside of this is I will be able to breathe while over there. I might be wheezing after a bit, but it won't have to do with allergies.
About a week ago Rooster and I went to St. Louis to visit a few of my childhood friends and go to a graduation ceremony. While we were there, we lucked into some last minute invites to a wedding. One of my high school classmates was getting married and the friend I was staying with was the matron of honor. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the reception was lovely. But they really should have really put a limit on the number of glasses of wine one was allowed to imbibe. If they had, no one would have been able to take a terribly embarrassing video of yours truly dancing. Other than the fact that I can't dance, my friends all learned that I need a better bra.
Oh, and Rooster caught the garter. Whatever that means.
---Little Bird is trying to breathe.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Deeds

Earlier this evening I went to the little convenience store in the building next to mine, for some mac & cheese (I was HUNGRY!)
I was standing in line holding my blue box of Kraft yumminess, and the guys ahead of me were asking a bunch of stupid questions and basically being idiots. Then some guy came up behind me and started putting his groceries on the counter, as if I weren't there at all. I was a little put off. And then one of the two idiots knocked a bottle of rum off the shelf. The clerk was WAAAAAYYYY too busy to take care of it, and I know him pretty well, so I went to the back and found a mop, a broom, and a "caution wet floor" sign. I mopped up the majority of the rum, swept up the bitty glass shards, and set up the sign. The clerk was so appreciative, he bought me a beer! I didn't do it for a reward. I didn't expect to get anything for it. But it was remarkably gratifying, nonetheless.
The farmers market (the one I like the most) opens Wednesday the 12th. The very same day I leave for St. Louis. I'm not worried, I'll catch it the next Wednesday, and hopefully I'll find morels. The one and only mushroom I like. I would like one of the most expensive mushrooms EVAR. Figures.
Plans for mothers day are under way. She wants a picnic. It's likely to rain though. But we have contingency plans.

--Little Bird is hoping for Morels