Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I survived. More importantly so did my family. I am home and got to sleep in my own bed last night. I slept like a rock, a warm and cozy rock.
I'll start with the train ride. It was, to date, the least late of all the trips I have taken. I had two seats to myself for almost all of the ride. That means I was able to sleep. Not that sleep on a train, in coach, is particularly restful. My food and drink reserves held for the whole trip. The fly in the ointment was the 2 hour stint from Denver to Granby when I had some old geezer sit next to me and spout a bunch of racist, bigoted bullshit as if he thought I might agree with him. It was Japs this, and Obama that, and something about how if his daughter had ever come home with a black guy, she wouldn't be welcome. I could hear the people sitting behind me gasping. I just smiled, told him that everyone has an opinion and then I attempted to change the subject. I was tempted to tell him to shut the fuck up and keep his hatred to himself. I was tempted to tell him (politely) that it might be best if he found another place to sit. The train was full. That is why I did neither. I did not want to be stuck sitting next to him while he directed that hatred and ignorance at me.
My family was only marginally better than that guy. I was asked my political views by an uncle who really wasn't trying to be argumentative. He honestly wanted to know what I thought. His sister in law, my aunt however tried to start a "debate". I told her that I knew that her opinions were not the same as mine, and that she was entitled to those opinions. Just as I was entitled to mine. That I would not argue politics with her, as we would NEVER change each others minds.
I stayed at a cousins house, on an air mattress. Word to the wise, when up in the mountains, in the cold, air mattresses need to have a blanket that you sleep on top of PLUS about 3 more to cover yourself with. The air inside the mattress is the same temp as the room. And the room I slept in was about 40 degrees.
Gift giving went well, I now have more orange stuff. And more salt and pepper shakers. And more crosses. I gave every one pieces of cross stitch, and then told them how it was intended to be "used". For one uncle I had a gift card, since he lost his house to a fire. I figure he knows what he needs and I don't want to get him something useless.
The train ride home was late getting to the station. By an hour. But it was nice. I saw a bald eagle launch itself into the air. I saw others in trees. I saw a huge herd of elk, running in the snow. I saw wild turkeys in the corner of a field. I saw the sun rise all pink and orange, over some hills. I saw the frost glitter on the dirt road that ran along side of the tracks. And I saw horses playing in the snow. All of this was beautiful.
My train arrived home at 7pm. THREE hours late. I was never so happy to be home. To sleep in a REAL bed. And a friend of mine gave me an early birthday present. A case of beer. It was a fantastic homecoming. Now, I just need to gear up for Friday, my birthday. I will try not to do what I did last year. And hopefully I won't need to spend Saturday hiding under the blankets and pillows with a pounding hangover.

--Little Bird is back in the nest

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lessons Learned

So I have only a few days to go until I leave for Colorado. I am almost completely packed. The only things I don't have are food and beverage items. That is the beauty of train travel. You can bring your own food and drink! I have learned to bring cheese, beef jerky, crackers, soda, and propel packets (the powder kind that you mix into a water bottle). Yes I also bring a bottle of wine. And yes, I have a small cooler to hold all the foodstuffs. If you bring a sports bottle, you can fill it at water fountains in every car.
I also recommend bringing a blanket. And one of those sleep mask things. And ear plugs. These three things will help you achieve the near impossible. Sleep. The wine helps too. I am an old hand at this, having done it several times already. Each time I think of a new way to make my trip more enjoyable. This years is a regular twin sized blanket and a pillow. I have been bringing a travel blanket in the past and it's not all that great.
Books, music, and a laptop are also pretty much essential to passing the time without killing someone. They help you ignore the 7 year old kid that won't stop running up and down the aisle saying "boogerboogerboogerboogerbooger!". And if you can ignore the kid, the kid survives to see another day.
A note about the alcohol. Technically it's a no-no to bring your own. They want you to buy it from them. I guess this would allow them to monitor your level of drunkenness as well. But, if you don't make an ass of yourself, start a fight, get sick or any other ass-like thing, they don't really care. I sit quietly in my seat, drink what ever I brought and read. Or watch a movie on my computer. To my knowledge no one has ever complained about my behavior on the train. And believe me, the conductors tell you when there's a problem.
I'm sure when I get back I'll be full of train related horror stories. I choose to pretend that this time it will all go according to plans. And that this time the train won't arrive at my destination 5 freaking hours late!
The other night my mother and I cooked. We made quiche. When I was young I hated the stuff. But in recent years I've had the little mini kind at parties and liked it. So I thought I would try my hand at making it. It was divine. And I figured that I can use this method to use up leftovers so I won't throw as much food away. My mother, who has traveled the world and eaten quiche in some of the best places, declared this to be the best quiche she has ever had! I think it was the leeks that made it so good.

Ham and Leek Quiche
1 pre-made pie shell (the refrigerated kind)
1/4 lb smoked ham, cubed really tiny
3 cups shredded cheese ( 2 cups a four cheese blend from Trader Joe's and 1 cup Mozzarella)
3 medium leeks white and pale green parts only
3 eggs
1 1/3 containers of creme fraiche (the 7oz package)
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
cracked black pepper to taste
2 Tbsp butter

In a pie plate place the crust and bake according to instructions on the box.

When you remove the crust from the oven, turn the heat down to 350 f.

While you are waiting for the crust to come out of the oven cut the leeks in half lengthwise, and then into 1/2 pieces.
Put them in a bowl and swish them around to clean them. Drain and pat dry.
In a 10 inch skillet, melt the butter and add the leeks, stirring often until leeks are tender.

While the crust is cooling you can place the ham in the crust, try for an even layer and up the sides if you can.

In a mixing bowl whisk together the eggs, creme fraiche, nutmeg and pepper.

Add leeks to the ham, in a layer. Add the cheese on top of the leeks.

Pour half of the egg mixture into the pie, moving the cheese about (gently!) to get the mixture to settle more evenly. Pour the rest in.

Bake for about 1 to 1 1/4 hours. The top should be a rich brown and the center should wobble ever so slightly. Allow to cool for 15 min before serving.

The next time I make this, I'm using BACON!!!

--Little Bird only breaks minor rules

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This weekend has been spent recovering. Recovering from the party I went to on Thursday. The party that my ex invited me to. Awkward! I did have fun. I think I drank too much, and I didn't get any phone numbers, but it was still a good night. I got to get dressed up and a number of my other friends were there.
Now I get to plan the holiday trip to see the family. In Colorado. By train. I think I've figured it out, what to pack and all. Gifts this year are easy, I only have one to get. For an aunt and uncle. Gift cards, visa or amex. See, they lost their home in the California fires. So instead of buying stuff that no one really needs for ALL of them, I'm going to spend about what I would have normally done. And give it all to one family. I decided to go with gift cards because I don't know what they need, and this was the best way to make sure that they could get those things.
Also in the works is a trip to D.C. for a neurofibromatosis forum. This will be the first time I will have met another person with it. And it will allow me to learn more about any clinical trials in my area. And maybe, just maybe talk to someone who knows what it's like.

Endive Spoons with Herbed Goat Cheese
1 lb soft fresh goat cheese
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 generous Tbsp fresh lemon zest (minced)
3 Tbsp finely chopped cilantro
3 Tbsp finely chopped chives
8 long slender heads of Belgian Endive
6 grape tomatoes, cut crosswise into very thin slices, slices halved, for garnish
very small sprigs of cilantro, for garnish

Using on/off turns, blend goat cheese, olive oil, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, and lemon zest in food processor until smooth and creamy. Transfer mixture to medium bowl. Stir in chopped cilantro and chives, season to taste with salt and pepper.
Cover and refrigerate until cold (can be made a day in advance. Keep refrigerated.) If desired, transfer cheese mixture to pastry bag fitted with a small plain tip.
Cut off and discard root ends of endive. Separate leaves. Into each leaf spoon or squeeze some of the cheese mixture. Continue until out of cheese, or out of leaves. Garnish each with sliver of tomato and cilantro leaf. Serve.

--Little Bird recuperates

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Week, Back at the Ranch...

This has been an off week. I didn't do all that much. I did, however, go to a party. A girls only party. And sorry guys, it did not turn into anything inappropriate. We had a tex-mex theme. So for this party (I attended, not threw) I made citrus salt. To go on the margaritas. It was pretty easy. It does not look so great a few hours into the party though. It tastes great, so that's good.
I also have been working on several cross stitch pieces. I'm up to 8 so far. They're all fairly small, I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do with them, but I can't stop making them. I even went so far as to buy some 22 count fabric to try my hand at really tiny detailed work. I need more practice. 22 count means that there are 22 "squares" per inch. Most of what I do is on 11 count or 14 count, so this new fabric is really not so easy. I need better light. And a stand to hold my frame. And one of those big magnifiers on an arm. And a whole host of other things. I really should get organized first though. That means a few MORE items are needed, and scans or photos need to be taken of the existing work. Meanwhile my room is developing a pile of shnibbly bits of embroidery floss, the snipped off bits. I keep picking it up, and it just keeps piling up. The annoying thing is they stick to my clothes, and I keep finding random threads on myself when I'm not at home. Grrrrrr!

Citrus Salt

2 cups Sea Salt
2 Tbsp Orange zest, FRESH
1 Tbsp Lemon zest, FRESH
1 Tbsp Lime zest, FRESH

Mix all together in a bowl. Spread it in a metal pan that has a lip (you'll see why). Bake at 225 f for about 2 hours.
Remove from oven and allow to cool.
Put through a food processor on pulse to blend thoroughly.

This is also good for chicken or seafood. You can also reduce the amounts, to create a smaller yield.

--Little Bird is going cross-eyed

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok. So. Now that that is out of the way. I would like to point out that I have neurofibromatosis. A condition that makes me prone to tumors, migraines and fits of overshares.

Today was spent shopping. Shopping for someone else's party. CostCo, Trader Joe's, and Jewel. It was an interesting day. I got a book that I have been dying to read, and beer. I also got to spend the day with a friend that I don't often get to see. I'm looking forward to her party, I'm cooking part of the food for it. Also, while I was at her place I cooked for her. I get the feeling that not many people have done that for her. Anyway, while we were out shopping she bought a small rosemary christmas tree. I told her I knew of a recipe that called for rosemary, one that she could easily cook. Then she bought Chicken breast. The major ingredient for my recipe. I decided then that I would cook for her when we go back to her place. It was a good evening. Good food. Good friends. Wine.
The wine wasn't so great, but it was the cheap stuff from Trader Joe's, so we weren't expecting Opus One. It was fun today though. And now she knows how to make Balsamic Chicken. And so will you.

Balsamic Chicken

2 or 4 boneless chicken breasts
1 or 2 teaspoons minced FRESH rosemary
1 or 2 garlic cloves, minced
2 Tablespoons olive oil
black pepper to taste
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 375 F.
In a bowl mix, the rosemary, the garlic, pepper, and olive oil.
Place the chicken in the bowl, making sure to coat the chicken with the mixture.
Place in roasting pan and cook for 20 minutes before flipping and cooking for another 20 minutes.
After removing chicken from roasting pan, add balsamic vinegar to pan. This will add flavor to the drippings, AND make the clean-up soooooo much easier.
Serve over acine de pepe. Spoon pan drippings over the whole dish.

--Little Bird will try not to gross you out again, but promises nothing

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was talking to my mother today about this blog. She reads it, and wonder of wonders she likes it. She's my mother, she kinda has to. Anyway, we were discussing what recipe I should do next. And the one we came up with I posted about 3 posts ago. So I will be posting something else entirely. Also she said I should post more often. And I had to ask what she thought I should post about. We bandied about a few ideas. The one we came up with is actually kinda funny.
So I'm going to tell you about the surgery I had when I was 21.
I had a tumor removed from a very delicate place. My butt. Those of you who are squeamish, you might want to stop now. I went to a doctors office for this procedure. It was not in a hospital. They seemed to think it was like having a mole removed. It was nothing like having a mole removed. It was quite possibly the most painful and humiliating experience of my life to date.
I made my mother come into the room with me and made her stay for the whole thing. I was terrified. I had never had anything like this done before.
So, I walk into this room and see what looks like a dentist's chair. Not an exam table. A chair. I am told to disrobe and lay face down on this chair. The doctor leaves so I can have a modicum of privacy (you will see why I think this ironic in about 3 seconds). When he comes back into the room, the door he came through NEVER LATCHED. It remained ever so slightly ajar for the entire thing. AND once or twice people poked their heads in to tell the doctor "something that couldn't wait". Meanwhile, by this point I am lying face down on this dentist's chair with... (wait for it)... my butt cheeks taped apart to the sides of the damned chair!!! Yeah, that tumor? It was right on the edge. I received 9 shots, in a circle around the area to numb it (HA!), which was in actuality 3 full syringes of numbing stuff (they never told me what exactly it was). My mom tells me I nearly broke her hand when they were giving me the shots. What she may not remember was when the doctor started walking towards me with a speculum. I looked back saw him holding it and said something along the lines of "WAIT!!! WHAT are you planning on doing with THAT???!!" To which he replied "Oh, don't worry, it's the same size as a penis." Yeah. Uh-huh. I told him that that may be the case but no penis had ever been there before and that I was hoping to keep it that way.
Now, as it turns out the doctor in question was best known for dealing with hemorrhoids. I did not have a hemorrhoid. He did tell me afterwards that I handled the whole thing MUCH better than most of his middle aged male patients. Small comfort after all that humiliation,
So now that I've thoroughly disgusted you (all three of you), I will refrain from posting a recipe today. That just wouldn't seem... right.

---Little Bird has stories that would curl your hair.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

Hello everybody! I am a wee bit drunk right now! This forces me to use exclamation marks! For every sentence!

I cooked two thanksgiving dinners today. Two ENTIRE dinners. Turkeys, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and stuffing. I did not bake pies because I made two freaking thanksgiving meals. AND I burned myself!! I am sore. I am tired. I will sleep like a rock tonight.
The first of the dinners was for the maintenance staff of my building. One of the guys who work here hired me to cook today. He bought all the ingredients. He did not have to work today, so he did not get any of the food that he laid out nearly $200 for. The crew today was only about 5 or so, so there was more than enough food. Out of all this work I got a frydaddy. Yes folks, I got my frydaddy. Deep fried green beans to come later. Duck fat french fries. Squash tempura. You get the idea.
I promised some people that I would post a veggie recipe and so I will. I was told I'd get extra credit for one that had no dairy, but... there is only so much I can do. You either get meat, or dairy. Occasionally you'll get both.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

5 sweet potatoes
1 small sized container of sour cream 1/2 pint or so.
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 stick butter

Wrap potatoes in foil. Bake at 350 until the potatoes are soft when pierced with a fork, about 1/2 an hour.
Peel potatoes. In a bowl, mix potatoes with sour cream and heavy cream. Mash until smooth.
Spread mashed potatoes in a baking dish. Place pats of butter on the surface. Bake again for about 1/2 an hour.
Remove from oven and stir, blending the butter in.

I would like to point out that today, I did this with 10 lbs of potatoes.

-- Little Bird is stuffed

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, never thought it was time. I never thought he was the "one". Not really at least. And we were so... polite about it. Amicable. No, we didn't actually say the words "let's still be friends", but the intent was there.
And the difference between boys and girls, wow! We react differently to things. I intend to watch a sad movie and cry. Because something has ended. Something that was nice and good. It wasn't meant to last too long, but it was nice while it lasted. He seemed fine with the whole thing. But, for all I know, he's doing the same thing tonight.
It was just nice to feel special for a while.

Bacon Vodka

1 lb bacon
1 750 ml bottle vodka
1 slightly larger bottle

Fry the bacon until crispy. Allow to drain, blotting if needed.
Pour 1/2 the vodka into the larger bottle. Add the bacon to the bottle. Add the remaining vodka, making sure to cover the bacon. Seal the bottle tightly.
Put the bottle in a dark cool place for 4 to 6 weeks.
Strain vodka through a sieve, to catch the bacon.
Strain the vodka again through coffee filters.
And once more through a britta filter. Do not use this filter again for anything.

I recommend bloody marys. Or try a shot of it garnished with a grape tomato that has been wrapped in a bit of lettuce, it's a BLT!

--Little Bird has a sad

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

So a few of my friends here in town told me they enjoy the recipes I have included so far. And that I should include more of them. So for future reference I will try to include one every time I post.
This past weekend is mostly a blur, a somewhat drunken blur. I went to Happy Hour Club (that's what we call it) on Friday. It was at the usual place, and most of the usual faces were there. Afterwards we all ended up at M's place (as per usual), and continued to drink. After that things get hazy. I took the bus home. I left my purse at M's house. Along with my hat. This Friday's plans are much more tame. Back to M's house, to have a craft night. She's making Christmas cards, I'll probably work on a cross-stitch piece for a friend, and J said something about getting her Christmas stuff together too. Wine will be had, food will be eaten and crafts will be made. It may not sound glamorous, but it's fun with friends and that is all that matters.
Winter is on it's way and I don't like it one little bit. It's cold. It's rainy. And grey. I think I picked up a bug somewhere, as I feel like blah. My head hurts, I ache, and I just want to sleep for about a month. The two bright spots that are coming up are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first because a friend from St. Louis is coming in, and I don't get to see her nearly enough. Also because I got a catering gig for that night too. Christmas because I get to go to New Mexico again! A week out in the middle of nowhere! I'll go to Ojo Caliente! And Taos! I will get to spend time relaxing and just enjoying the atmosphere. I can't wait.

Spicy Roast Chicken with Tomatoes and Marjoram
4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 Cups grape tomatoes, halved lengthwise
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tablespoons fresh marjoram, minced
1 1/4 teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes
2 Tablespoons olive oil

Put tomatoes in a large bowl, mix in marjoram, red pepper flakes, garlic and olive oil. Cover tightly and chill over night.

Preheat oven to 450 f. In a roasting pan, lay out chicken breasts and cover with tomato mixture, keeping tomatoes in a single layer.

Roast for about 35 minutes.

Serve with tomatoes over the top.

Note: I prefer to serve this over acini de pepe, a pasta similar to cous cous.

--Little Bird bets you think this post is about you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did


I can breathe again! I was finally able to heave that sigh of relief. That breath I was holding while I waited for this moment to come. We did it. We as a country finally made a group decision that doesn't suck. We elected the right person for the job. We took a giant leap forward. Maybe now the other countries won't point and laugh at us any more. Maybe now, we can begin to get out of this hole we put ourselves in.
I stayed up to watch the goings-on on TV. I cheered for every state that went blue. When they announced the winner, I cried. I was that happy. And that excited. I had to go outside and run a few laps around my building, I was that excited. I can only hope that this is the start of something amazing. And that everyone will recognize it for the change for the better that it is.

--Little Bird is relieved

Monday, November 3, 2008

One More Day


History will be made tomorrow. No matter what the outcome is, history will have been made. I can't wait for it all to be over. The stress is really getting to be a bit much. I'm on pins and needles, and have been for sometime now. I want to know NOW!! My mother is addicted to reading her political blogs, to the point where she just can't tear herself away from them if she's at home. This topic of politics has dominated conversations for MONTHS. And after tomorrow, we'll hash, and re-hash what the winner did right, and what the loser did wrong. Ad nauseam.


So, I was a barfly. It's an older costume of mine that I still had the parts to. Wings and antennae made of itty bitty Jack Daniels bottles. Other than that I wore all black. Thank what ever higher power responsible for it, but the weather was perfect!! I didn't have to wear a coat, and was actually almost too warm in my turtle-neck sweater. The parties were a blast, I saw so many great costumes I don't remember them all. Once I figure out how to post those damned pictures, I'll be able to show what mine looked like.

Ok, last night (afternoon) I made a lavender scented roast chicken. OH. MY. GOD. This is my new favorite way to prepare chicken! It was amazing. Basically you take Herbes de Provence, and a tiny bit of lavender, some grey sea salt and one minced clove of garlic and pat that on the bird. Quarter one red onion and shove it into the bird. Roast at 375f for an hour and a half. I put potatoes and carrots and pearl onions around it. I think I died and went to heaven. I am going to alter this slightly and roast a turkey this way for Thanksgiving. Yummmm.

--Little Bird is stuffed

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Blender, A Blender, My Kingdom For a Blender!

A new phase has started. The meal planning phase. I have a list of 30 or so meals. Now I just need to get it all in the computer, along with the ingredients list and the recipes. The idea is that the list can be printed out, the meals that are wanted can be highlighted, and the necessary items can be purchased. Then I need to figure out how to turn those meal's leftovers into still more meals.
This is all in an attempt to cut meal costs. And eat healthier. Also, this is not my idea. It is my mother's idea. I will be cooking my folks meals. Since they live next door, this is not as weird as it might seem.
All of these meals are pretty healthy. Lots of chicken. And Turkey. And veggies. No red meat, very little pasta or other starches. The upside is that I may continue to lose weight, but at a faster rate. The downside is that I will be cooking ALL THE TIME. I like to cook, I really do. I just don't know if I want to cook all the time. That or I need to get a few more kitchen gadgets. Ahhh, gadgets! Just a few more I promise. A blender. A large stockpot. A mezza-luna. A waffle maker. There's more, but I can't find my list right now. All of this in my teeny-tiny closet sized kitchen.
Other than that there is no real news. There aren't any jobs out there it seems. I have some feelers out there, and hope to hear back from a few places soon. The tricky part will be telling that employer (should I get a job) that the week of Christmas I will be in another state. I hope to be in New Mexico then. Enjoying the crisp, dry air.

--Little Bird is in the kitchen with Dinah

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Disaster Lasagna

So yesterday TRIMP, some friends of his and I all went to nextfest in Millenium Park. I had to Google it because I had no idea what it was. Technology. Lots of new technology. Including this odd car/wheelchair thing from Toyota. The video was a travesty. The concept is not a bad one, and I could see it used for the paraplegic, but not for those whose legs work just fine. The idea is you drive this thing on the streets. In Chicago this is an accident just waiting to happen. The snark factor at this event was extremely high.
After this, TRIMP and I went to my place and I made lasagna. It was disaster lasagna. The noodles stuck together when I boiled them. I didn't put it in the baking pan in the right order. I ran out of the sauce. The beauty of lasagna is, it's pretty hard to truly fuck it up. It tasted great. And now I have left-overs for the week. Next week I'll make stuffed pasta shells.
I finally have the Halloween costume figured out. And no, I won't tell you. Some people already know, but as I am going to a party and I want it to be a surprise.
My folks are in the wilds of New Mexico again. I am suitably jealous. I wish I could be there, it's soooooo pretty out there. And quiet. You can see the stars. Peaceful. Every time I go I enjoy it. Every time I have to leave and come home I'm a little sad. For some reason, food tastes better out there. I can't explain it. I cook the same stuff there that I make here, and it tastes better there. It's not fair.
One of these days, I'll figure out how to get photos up on this site, and I can show you some of the things I talk about. I also need a camera so this could take awhile.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey all! I am somewhat better tonight. I never did get around to that hot bath. Mores the pity.
That casserole I made yesterday works well for leftovers. I added more chicken broth and some sun dried tomatoes. It was yummy. There has been some more wine, but that is to be expected. And more failblogging. Also to be expected.
This weekend I am planning a get together with a few friends, a chili dinner. I will make lots of chili, and have lots of beer to pass around.
I will say, for those of you who live here in Chi-town, the next roller derby is the 25th of Oct. @ UIC pavilion. I certainly plan on being there, do you?

--Little Bird is taking it easier.... tonight.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Evenings at My Place.

I think I've figured out how the government is going to bail itself out. By harassing me for money that THEY say I owe them. Something about a student loan that they say exists. I don't think so. So that was how my day went. I got the call after my earlier post. I spent the entire day fretting about this. Arrrrrgggg!!!!! I don't need this!!
Of course, if the government is using this method to bail itself out, it's not gonna work. I have no money. If indeed this loan did exist, I don't have any money to give them anyway.
I've made a casserole, and had some wine. I don't think this was the wisest course of action. But, maybe, just maybe, I will be able sleep without waking up 10 times due to nightmares about government coming to take me away. What do you think the chances are? Yeah, I don't have high hopes for this one either.
So tonight has been a plethora of bad tv and shameless failblogging. Usually it's one or the other. Tonight, it is both. It's that kind of night. I will follow up all of this with a nice hot bath. The jackass from the collection agency will say that if I can afford to take a bath, I can afford to pay off the loan. The loan that I NEVER TOOK OUT!!!
He, the jackass at the collection agency, seems to think that I should just lean on some family member for the money. That my address means that I have money. That I should be falling all over myself, begging them to take money that I don't have.
Sigh. These are the things I think of at night.

--Little Bird is about 2 sheets to the wind

Mornings at My House

So, I have been doing some baking. Specifically pies. Last week I made an apple pie. I had never made this before, so I was apprehensive. It turned out great! My folks loved it. Yesterday I mad a chicken pot pie. Let me tell you, this was not a quick and easy ordeal. First there was the roasting of an entire chicken. The bird was stuffed with an onion and an apple and celery. And sprinkled with rosemary and sage after being rubbed with butter. More veggies were cut up, gravy was made, and all of this went into a pie crust and back into the oven. All in all it was pretty good. I think next time I will use more meat and less carrots and peas. I really don't like carrots or peas.
We didn't use all the chicken so tonight I am making some kind of casserole. I am trying to figure out how to make this without using cream or cheese. My stepfather can't have those things. I, on the other hand LOVE those things!

In other news, I'm pretty happy. Things are going well. I have flyers for the cat sitting venture. Hopefully I'll have some clients soon. I still spend way too much time on failblog, but it's an addiction.
My mother left this morning for a business trip. Calling me at 7:30 to ask me to come over to please, please braid her hair for her. She does that. The upside of that is that I get up earlier than I would otherwise. This morning was spent walking to the park and drinking coffee, sitting and reading. It was nice. Relaxing.
It's only 10:30 and I'm a little bored. I'm sure there are things that I could (and should) be doing. I am lazy bored. I don't feel like doing anything. Meh.

--Little Bird is awake, grudgingly.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning.

I know that it is Saturday.
So, lucky you, you get two posts in two days! I went out last night with a group of friends, and tried to get one friend out of his shell. The Romantic Interest of the Male Persuasion (TRIMP) and I ended up leaving him to fend for himself. With one of the Maggies. Poor boy. Then the TRIMP and I went to a housewarming party for one of his high school friends. So far this past week I have seen TRIMP Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and tonight is art-gallery-at-a-friends house. I couldn't be happier. Halloween costume ideas are coming along. Now I have added "los dia de los muerto figure (female)" and the most terrifying costume ever.... Sarah Palin, VP. I'll need a wig for that last one. Again, ideas are welcome.
It is raining cats and dogs here, and the walk from the red-line station home turned quite damp. TRIMP lent me an umbrella when I left this morning, so I wasn't completely soaked. but it was a near thing. I have to say that some of this city's subway/el stations are less than lovely. While others are quite nice. The station by TRIMP is very nice. The stop by me, not so much. The Jackson stop has amazing acoustics. There was a guy there singing with a guitar and it sounded nice. He had a great voice.

--Little Bird is singing in the rain

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Did Not Fall Off The Planet

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted in a while. There is a very good reason for that. I have been busy. I have been out of town. I have been spending time with a certain someone. If you could see the grin on my face with that last one you would forgive me my absence. This past month or so has been remarkably busy. Out of town guests, concerts in the park, RedBulls flying machine extravaganza. Oh, and Failblog, where I have learned how to waste an obscene amount of time. I don't work at the bar anymore. I have just started looking into a job at either the library or a bookstore.
That about brings us up to speed. Upcoming is an evening discussing art and whatnot, and the planning of halloween and thanksgiving both. A friend has "hired" me to cook thanksgiving dinner for all the maitence guys and doormen in my building. It'll be traditional. Turkey (brined), mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean cassarole (as per request), lemon-sage green beans, and pumpkin pie.
As for halloween, I have no idea what to do. The best I've got is "gothed-out librarian". And that just doesn't seem right. I welcome any ideas.

--Little Bird is all atwitter.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Youth, it is Gone.

I am not young anymore. I need to remember this when I go to parties. A friend just turned 30. She had a rock'n party though. Many many drinks. And jello shots, can't forget the jello shots. How ever much I may want to.
I am also now the owner of a head of SHORT hair. I had an oppertunity and took it. I like it. It's a lot less hassle now. Not to mention cooler in this summer heat. Other than that there is nothing to report. Sad but true.

--Little Bird has been clipped

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birds of a Feather

I love my mom (we shall call her Mamma Bird), and I should probably tell her so more often. Last night Mamma Bird and I went to a new resturaunt. We won't be going back. The food was so-so, but the service was not good. Having worked in resturaunts, I know from good service. I, in my infinite wisdom did not eat at all yesterday until we went out.... at 7pm. And Mamma Bird, with her infinite patience did not kill me when I griped and bitched and moaned. After we had eaten life was much more pleasant.
Mamma Bird told me something that I hadn't known, something that was incredibly validating. She likes me. She enjoys spending time with me. She considers me a friend. This may sound odd, or trite, but really it's not. She's my mom, she's supposed to love me, but is by no means required to LIKE me. Not all parents like the people their offspring have become. Not all offspring like their parents. So I think it quite wonderful that Mamma Bird and I like each other.
Today Mamma Bird and I are going to a concert in the park (classical) and picnic while there. We will have caprese, bread and wine. I will try to remember the bottled water. And I will eat something at some point this afternoon before I go crazy again. I would hate for Mamma Bird to have to kill someone she likes.

---Little Bird loves her mamma!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Colorful Day

Ok, I have seen some strange things in this town, but Sunday's sighting has to be one of the oddest. There are green birds on the lake. At DuSable harbor to be exact. They are a sort of teal-green. They don't really look like sea gulls so I have no idea what the hell they are. I wish I had photos, but my phone does not take the best photos, at least from a distance. But if any one has any ideas on what these birds are or where they came from I would love to know.
I saw them Sunday the 29th. I was on a friends boat, and on the phone with Ginger. I have a habit of stareing off into space while on the phone. If I'm at home I'll look out the window and watch the lake. Well, I was already at the lake so I was watchng the birds. I saw this flash of bluish-green and had ho idea what it was. I looked harder and nudged my friend and pointed it out. Binnoculars were produced and we got a closer look. There were at least eight of them. Some were more green and others were paler. All the pale ones were sitting and looked as if they were nesting. The darker and greener ones were just standing around. I did not see any of them take to the air. Again if anyone has a clue what they are, clue me in too!
Also sighted that day was a great rainbow. It looked like flames where it hit the water. All in all it was a colorful day.
Now, today was not so colorful. Why is it that guys wear speedos? I mean regular guys. Scratch that, I mean guys who aren't competitive swimmers. I saw this guy at the lake front today who looked like the male leadin "My First Mister" plus at least 30 pounds. In a speedo. Not on the beach. Sort of by the chess pavillion. In a camp chair. Ickers. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't kept getting up and uh..... displayng himself. I don't mean exposing himself. he just kept standing up and turning slowly in a circle. Again, ickers. I need to not take my glasses when I go to the park or lake front.

---Lttle Bird has seen some feathered friends

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Die With a T

So I started a diet. And exersizing. All this means is that I am unbeleivably tired. And I have lost 5 pounds. Or I had lost 5 pounds as of Sunday. If can average 5 pounds a week I will be very happy indeed. The diet is very simple. Lots of salads. small amounts of pasta or breads. No chips. Diet Coke with splenda (I'm allergic to neutrasweet folks) and Propell. I have rice cakes for snacking emergencies, and I actually like them.
In addition to the reduced calorie intake, there is the exersize. I walk my mother to work each weekday. On days that I don't work I also ride my bike 10 to 14 miles (if it doesn't rain) and then walk to meet my mother and accompany her home. Wednesdays I add a walk to the Licoln Park Farmers Market. Saturdays and Sundays I don't ride ('cause that would be insane, the park is PACKED on the weekends*) but I do try to walk at least 6 miles. So an average weekday has anywhere from 3 to 9 miles of walking and then add the biking. I also do things like standing on a balance board while washing dishes or folding laundry. I should be skating more and hula hooping too. I am determined to lose the weight damnit.
No, I am not perpetually hungry. I eat several tiny meals in a day. What I am mostly is sleepy. I seem to be working off as many calories as I take in. Which is good, and so far it's working for me. That first week I lost 5 pounds. The second week is not over yet, so I can't say what I have lost. The scale is at my mothers house and weigh-ins are a once a week deal.
Since I started this I have seen a few weird things. Underwear. On the sidewalk. Only once was it ladies undies and those were obviously brand new, never been worn. The tag was still on them and they had that flat/folded look that only new undies seem to have. All the rest have been boxers. Plaid boxers. Rumpled and in a pile, as if they were removed and just tossed aside. Why is this? Why are men (assumption) taking off their boxers in really random places? In the middle of the sidewalk in an upscale residential neighborhood. Along the bike path by the lake-- NOWHERE NEAR ANY BUILDINGS! Nowhere near the waters edge either. In the middle of the park, by the zoo's farm. That last one scares me a little since all the boxers I have seen are adult sized.

* About the park on weekends: this is Chicago, a destination spot for vacation for a lot of people. The park on the lake's shore is a tourist mecca. It is also the place where everyone who lives here goes on the weekends. The paths are full of runners, walkers, skaters, and mommies. And then add the tourists who don't realize there is a protocol on the path. Stay to the right if you are not on a bike or moving fast. If you want to stop and watch something or look for something in your bag, GET OFF THE DAMN PATH! When you hear some one call out "on your left!" this means "move to your right" because someone on a bike is attempting to pass you. This is a sticky subject with me. I am of the opinion that they call it a bike path for a reason. It was designed with cyclists in mind. It was also designed so that pedestrians can use it WITHOUT GETTING IN THE WAY. There is a narrower section that is marked off for walkers to walk single file. Additionaly there are chat paths next to much of the bike path. My mountain bike can take the chat, and the grass if need be. But most of the cyclists I've seen have lightweight bikes with super-skinny tires, they can't ride on the chat- much less the grass.
The worst offenders are the mommies. With their $700+ strollers that have gigantic wheels. They walk 2 and sometimes 4 abreast, forcing everyone else off the path. Again for me this is not the worst thing. Unless we happen to be between Oak Street Beach and Fullerton. Then a veer off the path (for anyone) means either a 2 foot fall onto concrete (before North Ave.) or into the sand (after North Ave.). In some spots, that veer will land you in the water. The water being the rather cold and stinky Lake Michigan. It's not like I have particularly strong feelings about this or anything. Yes, I keep an eye out so I don't run over some kid. No, I shouldn't have to be your babysitter. Mommies should share the path, moving over for faster moving "vehicles". The rules of the road do apply to the path.
What am I saying?! I keep forgetting! These are the same women who drive their SUVs three blocks to the drugstore to pick up toothpaste!! Who think that ALL roads belong to them.

--Little Bird aims to be littler

Monday, June 2, 2008

It Hits The Fan

So this is what happens when you burn your candle at both ends AND everyone you know is going through some kind of life crisis. You get sick!! Again!! I have the same sore throat thing I had 5 months ago. And I feel generally icky. Time to slow down and take it a bit easier.
You already know about my dating diaster. A friend is going through her own right now, and still another is going through an even worse one. These two friends are very important to me, so their problems are not to be taken lightly. At least as far as I am concerned.
To add to all of this I got a call from a relative informing me that my fathers recent MRI shows that he might have brain cancer. Oh goody. I managed to get a cell number so I can reach him and not have to attempt a conversation with the woman who hates me. Besides, I can't speak very loudly right now and don't wish to be chastised for it. Because oh yes, she would. Also I'm sure she will manage to find a way to blame me if this is indeed cancer. But really, she's a lovely person. Compared to death row inmates that have had to be separated from the general population. She and I do not get along all that well.
Other than all of that the latest roller derby outting was fantastic fun! Well, most of it anyway. I bought skates and very much want to get out there and skate. I just would like to do it when it doesn't feel as if there were a golf ball lodged in my throat. Right now I just want to curl up and sleep for a week or three.

-Little Bird has crash landed

Monday, May 26, 2008


I think I died last night. I feel dead. I hurt all over, my head feels as if it's in a vise. The drunkening that was yesterday broke a few people. And tonight there is ANOTHER barbeque to go to. I don't think I'll be drinking much. I think we drank for 15 hours yesterday. It hurts just to write that. I did have fun though.
We barbequed at the bar. Burgers, chicken legs, skirt steak (just freakin amazing), and bacon cheddar mashed potatos, and garlic mashed potatos, and potato salad, and corn on the cob, and s'mores. It's entirely possible that I ate too much. It's also probably why I didn't get sick or pass out from the beer. I drink slow, so I don't think I had THAT many. I mean REALLY slow.
Tonight I intend to take it easy. The Bacon Bros. are the hosts tonight. I might just bring soda. The really great part about tonight is that Chicagos very own Bacon Bros. have some really cool friends. Smart, well read and well spoken. I look forward to meeting more of them. And re-meeting a few, as some of us may not remember the first meeting.
I posted once before about these Bacon Bros. and said I would explain the name. No, it is not a refference to the actor and his brother. The Bacon Bros. are step-brothers, and one of them had a girlfriend that lived with them for awhile and she kept a kosher kitchen. The first thing the boys did when she moved out was fry two pounds of bacon. They are regulars at the bar. When I met them I had a hard time remembering their names, so after I heard the story I nick-named them the Bacon Bros. The beauty of it is that they like the name. I think they may even revel in it, just a little.

--Little Bird is feeling fuzzy

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, For Crying Out Loud!!

Ok, so now I'm officially giving up. He called. We talked. We made plans to get together today. I called him to tell him I was back at home and he could come by anytime. I had to leave it as a message because he didn't answer his phone. I called a little later to see what the ETA was.... and HE TURNED HIS PHONE OFF!!! I don't care if he feels poorly today, he can pick up the damn phone and tell me so. I think I'll not be returning any calls from him, not that I expect to get any.

---Little Bird is fed up

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pity Party, Table For One

So that was my letter to him. At least it's the letter I should send him.
Is it possible to expire from ennui? It's not just ennui, there's some sorrow in there. Possibly anger too. Not at him, at what he's doing. There is a difference, really there is.
I don't want to do anything. Except maybe whatch TV. Which would be fine if there were anything worth watching. I want to be somewhere else, any where but home, but I don't know where. I want to go home, but I AM home. To talk to someone, but don't know who.

---Little Bird doesn't know

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got It

Ok. I get it. You're not interested. That's fine. I wish you had the nerve to tell me. To tell me using words, and your voice. I deserve that much. At least that much.
I'm not mad. At least I'm not angry. I am upset, sad. Not sad that you don't like me all that much (though that smarts a bit). Sad that you don't even think enough of me to tell me so.
I hope you find the one you do think highly of. The one you are interested in. I even hope that the one you are interested in is interested in you. Good luck.

--Little Bird has said all she can

Friday, May 2, 2008


The things we think of and go so far as to say. In public no less. So I go to this website,, alot. I comment every so often. So I saw a post about pigeons, and felt it neccessary to say something. Because here in the windy city we have some sizable pigeons. I mean big. So I said something about these large "pijuns". That they are the size of chickens. And are therefore frightening. Even more so because of their propensity to dive-bomb unsuspecting people. I reffered to them as "Chikin sized divebombing pijuns. Fun" . And it dawned on me that on occasion these large birds are too unweildy to effectively dive bomb anyone.
Also on the subject of pigeons, someone in an apartment nearby (that I can see into) thought it a good idea to paint a very large room.... wait for it...pigeon-foot-pink. Ick. It's an unusual choice especialy for so large a room. Dove gray I could see, but the pink? No.

--Little Bird is leery of the dive-bombing pigeons

Sunday, April 27, 2008

If You're a Nerd and You Know It, Raise Your Hand

*Hand held above head* What is a Pink? I am led to believe it is some sort of flower. But what does this flower look like? Does it exist today? The only real refrence I have is Kate Chopins "The Awakening". The very last sentence of the book reads: "There was the hum of bees, and the musky odor of pinks filled the air." I read this book when I was in early high school. It is an amazing book. But I still have never really known what a pink is. For a while I thought it was mimosas, the tree blossom. But from recent internet searching the best I can come up with is crepe myrtle. If you, my decidedly few readers know what I'm looking for please tell me!! This is gonna drive me nuts!!
That being said, I am researching this beacause i would like to use the quote as a tattoo. And I would like to incorperate an image of the appropriate blossom with it. Did I mention that this book, the one I reffrence, is from 1899? Yes. I AM a nerd. Your point please?

--Little Bird is searching for answers

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scattered and Un-connected. Deal With It.

The wildly changing weather of spring means headaches abound. Aren't I lucky? For some reason it also means I have the intense desire to re-arrange my room. Again. I still need to get a few things to pollish off the look. I am finally utilizing the un-used space under the bed. This meant shlepping out in the rain to purchase bed lifters but hey, it's worth it. It's a little wobbly, but once the carpet under the lifters compacts, it'll even out.

Seeing Red Over Green

Ok, I read over on that someone wants to introduce a bill to make hybrid cars safer for blind pedestrians. Ummm..... why does this seem like an underhanded way for the right wing (hear me out, I will back that up) to make hybrids seem undesireable? Why not put the same effort into putting in crosswalks in that are safer for the sight impaired? Why put the onus on the people attempting to manufacture a vehicle that is environmentaly friendlier?
About that right-wing statement. If they can make it seem that eco-friendly is bad, and unsafe, then they are that much closer to denying that there is an environmental problem. Once they are able to deny the eco-issues, they can rape the land with gusto. Also? Little Bird is a liberal, as if that needed clarification.

Happy and Smiley.... Still!

So I have been happy and giggly for two weeks. And yes there is a person responsible for this. You know who you are. And I am sooooo looking forward to cooking that ridiculously large meal next weekend. Since I like to cook that actually was not sarcasm. There will be leftovers.

---Little Bird is spring cleaning

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anthropological Fun

I have found out an interesting phenomenon. It's one that I didn't think would ever be applied to me. As you know I dyed my hair pink. Not all of it, just some highlights. That very day I noticed that people didn't want to sit next to me on the bus. Then, then next day a hairstylist flatly ignored my requests and did his own thing. And today, I went shopping. I asked a question, thus drawing attention to myself. The woman who "assisted" me then would not leave, staring at me. She really unnerved me. I still didn't get it. I made my purchases and left. I went to another store where I was litteraly followed by the staff. Again, I made a purchase and left. I stepped outside catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror and it dawned on me. It's because of my hair. These people thought that because I have pink in my hair I must be a shoplifter or somehow an undesireable. I think I know now why I never did this before.

In other news I have reason to be happy. I've been smiling like mad for a few days now. Also, the bar where I work just had the best day ever. We were so busy, we hardly had time to think. And now I know how to make some fantastic Bloody Marys. Just wait 'till I make that bacon vodka, and then they'll utterly awsome Bloody Marys!

--Little Bird is sporting pink plumage

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bad Hair Day

There are good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day. First off, I headed outside to walk to the hair salon (for a haircut) and it was raining. Then, holding onto the handle I swung my umberella to extend it and the functional part of the thing fell off into the mud. And then, when I got to the salon, the guy who cut my hair, butchered it. And now I can only do one thing with it. AND to add insult to injury, I now must use a ton of product to make it do the one thing to it. Otherwise it just looks awful. I guess those were really the only things that happened, but truely, a horrid haircut can ruin your day.
The good news is the hot pink that went into my hair the day before yesterday looks great! It's almost a perfect match for the pink in my orange and pink glasses. And I love it.

Other than that I have no new news. At least nothing that I can share with anyone. Secrets. Aren't they fun?

--Little Bird wants a good day.....soon

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Frozen Bunny

Oh, Spring you fickle season. The other day you teased us. It was so nice outside. Not exactly warm, but the promise of better weather. And then yesterday. Why do you do this to us? It SNOWED!! There is still snow on the ground. And piles of what Wendy over at calls "lumpy icefuck". That awful conglomeration of ice, dirty ice, and the droppings of pets, not to mention the trash dropped by people.
It'll be Easter tomarrow and there is snow on the ground. Grrrrrrr. But hey, tracking that Easter Bunny will be easy.
I need spring to really arrive. I would even welcome the thunderstorms.

--- Little Bird is in danger of turning into a broken record

Monday, March 17, 2008

Suburban Hell, Retail Style

Ikea is a wonderfull place. That I love. It is unfortunately located in the suburbs. Which I hate. It takes forever to get from one place to another. Even if that other place is only on the other side of eght lanes of traffic. And they have a ridiculously large parking lot.
A couple words of wisdom for those of you contemplating making that trek out to the world of no sidewalks, DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS. The store is huge. No. Really. It's huge. Three floors of inexpensive furniture and stuff. I call it stuff 'cause really, that's all it really is. Also, when you know that you will be shopping in Ikea, eat there and get a beer. You'll need it. Yes, they serve beer. Lastly, bring a limited amount of cash. DO NOT BRING A LOT OF MONEY OR A CREDIT CARD. It's too easy to pick up eight tons of stuff all the while telling yourself "Oh, it's perfect and only $2.99". That stuff adds up. Remember, three floors.
That being said I picked up a few things. On the completely useless side of things, I got a set of lights that are shaped like, yup, little birds. For my aunt I got a few purple kitchen items (she loves purple the way I like orange). I got a few things for my folks but I'm not telling what because she reads this. The set of flatware will come in handy since my old stuff is so old and beat up the spoons are practicaly serrated. And last, but not least, the item that caused the most problems, a giant but shallow underbed drawer. I'm not even sure it'll fit. It is currently at Gingers boyfriends house awaiting transport here. It didn't really fit all that well in Gingers car. And she stayed out in the burbs. I took a Metra train back.
So I'm sitting here enjoying my pretty little birdy lights. And planning my next trip to Ikea, as I priced and got a first hand look at the two furniture items I've been interested in. You got that Mom?

---Little Bird now needs to recover, from the burbs

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I woke up today remembering a morning in the last town I lived in. It was early summer. And early morning. There was that haze in the morning that promises the day will by noon be a green leafy sauna. I was on a health kick and had decided to walk around the park. I did this 3 or 4 times a week for about a month. It wasn't summer in its full glory, the leaves were still light and bright, not the deep lush green of true summer. I had already walked past the mounted police stables, but hadn't yet reached the zoo. It was hot, but not that shirt stuck to your back, clammy hot.
It's that memory I think of when I think of summer. Of what the perfect day feels like. I'm waiting anxiously for weather like that again. For the opertunity to go for a walk in the park. To walk by the lake, to sit under the trees. To not need to wear three layers of fleece plus a down coat. To walk to the florist and get fresh flowers that won't freeze before I get them home. I want to have house guests over and be able to take them to all the great outdoor sights this place has to offer. To not have this awful, weird winter cold and flu crap. I think I'm ready for spring. I just hope I have that afternoon free to go to the park.

---Little Bird is ready for spring fever

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This has been an eventful week or so for me. I had a house guest over that I've known since grade school. We're talking 28 years here. We had a blast, breakfasts, beer, roller derby, more beer, sushi, beer again and the phone call from hell. You know the phrase "Into each life a little rain must fall"? Or something like that. Well, I think I now fully understand that. I got an 8:20 a.m. phone call from my stepmother. This woman has not called or willingly spoken to me in 12 years. In a nutshell she wants to stop paying my life insurance and me to take over the payments. AND she wants me to keep her and my father and her as the beneficiaries. Then she talked to me for 2 hours about nothing. I don't like this woman and this woman doesn't like me. She systematicly cut my father off from every woman in his family. His mother, his sisters, and me his daughter. She insulted me several times. She insulted my mother. She patted herself on the back and basicly I wanted to hurl. Then I told her that the last time she recieved a communication from me I meant what I said. That I was tired of being insluted every time she communicated with me. That she had hung up on me everytime I had ever called since I was 21. My childhood friend told me she was proud of me. I think I got caught in a monsoon. I was physically exhausted by the time I got off the phone.

I did find out that I can cash out that insurance package and then I could maybe get a few things out of the way.

--Little Bird is keeping an eye out for lighting at this point

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Recycled Books


Are you like me, one of the many who bring their canvas bags to the grocery store? Do you feel bad when you forget it/them? The only part of it that makes me feel bad is that then I have to carry my purchases home in the bags provided by the store. And those bags don't have long enough handles to go over my shoulder. I walk to the store folks. Not all that far, but when plastic handles are cutting into your hands it's far enough.
On the flip side of this is the fact that I use grocery bags as trash bags. I run out frequently. It's kind of a catch-22. I'm not using canvas bags for the eco-friendly aspect. I'm using them because they are convienient for me. They are more comfortable. I don't compost because I live in an apartment building, and that is the same reason I don't recycle. I'm told we have a program in the building, but I haven't figured out where or how. Also, I have NEVER seen a recycling truck come by the building. I HAVE seen the garbage trucks.


Someone in my building leaves books in the laundry room. Several at a time, ostensibly to pass them on to others so they can read them without having to buy them. I love this person. However, I cannot bring myself to part with a book once I have read it. I love to re-read books. And I like to know that when I get the urge to do so, I know exactly where that book is. That being said, I need bookshelves. Lots of them.

---Little Bird gets the book worm (or IS the book worm)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nothing In Particular

WoooHooo!! Heatwave! It's 50 degrees!! The heater is off, my window is open, it feels awesome. Yes, it actually is a little too cold for it, but it's just too nice not to.
Today is my day to do nothing. And by nothing I mean nothing. I've been reading, watching TV, and spending time on the interwebs. Specificly icanhascheeezburger. The site that has somehow become a community. Later today I'll be doing more nothing and maybe a nice relaxing bath to recover from all that nothing. Tomarrow I'll go run errands. Not today. Of course, it's pretty bad when you realize that you've opted to spend the day watching Harry Potter, for the umpteenth time.
Typing this is getting in the way of my nothing-doing so, ta ta!

--Little Bird is more than ready for spring

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Ummmmm.... when I said the thing about the native americans, I meant what we did to them. How we treated them. Not exactly our best side. We, as a country seem to do this to anyone who doesn't agree 100% with us. Just read your history. You'll see.

--Little Bird is striving for clarity

Friday, February 29, 2008

Warning, Political Rant.

Ok, I'm cheating here. This is something I wrote July 4th, of last year. I found it yesterday while I was going through my files. I thought I would share.

The other day I was talking with my cousin and a friend about music. Elvis to be exact. The friend said something along the lines of how Elvis, while great, started out by using other peoples music and style. My cousin said that Elvis was America. That's right, she said he WAS America. My initial response to this was "You mean the guy who got fat, was a total druggie and ended up dead on the crapper." Yes, I actually said crapper.
She took offense to my remark. She had meant that he started out poor, worked hard and lived the american dream. Hmmmm.... the american dream huh? I'm not buying it. But I stand by MY analogy. Think about it. Yeah when he was young and just starting out you could argue that he was good. Great even. Then he got celebrity. And money. And with those things came sycophants. Those guys who toady up to the rich and famous. Let's not forget the folks who waved a few drugs around at him. He did drugs, we all knew that. Whether it was the drugs or the sycophants that encouraged the gold lame jumpsuits and made him blind to his ever increasing girth we'll never know. Even his art suffered. His best stuff is from his youth. But the point is he ended up fat, drugged out, and dead on a toilet.
Now, for how that relates to the U.S. In it's youth america was...well... not the best of nations considering the native americans, but for a period of time, say in my grand parents time, patriotism was paramount. We were on top of the world. THE world leader. We had the best schools. We were healthy. It was all God and Country.
Then we let it go to our head. We thought ourselves invincible. Our power became our drug. We as a society got fat. And lazy. And as tacky as a gold lame jumpsuit. We are now the laughing stock of the planet. They call us "ugly americans" . Because we are so ethnocentric it IS laughable.
Now we have an administration that is trying to run the country like a corporation. And the person at the head of this "corporation" has sent how many previous corporations where? Down the toilet.

--Little Bird will now get off her soapbox

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bars and Desks, and Orange

Hello!! I have been remiss, I know. I would like to say that I've been busy. I would like to, but I can't. While I did work last night, that was the first night I have been out of the house for more than one hour in more than a week. I'm not sick any more. Well, at least I'm not hacking up a lung anymore.
After work I went to another bar, ostensibly to go wait for a cab. I was there 'till it closed. A few beers and into a cab to come home. To sleep. Don't I have an exciting life? Don't you wish YOU had this kind of excitment?
In other news I'm trying to sell my desk. And the desk chair. I have waaaaaaayy to much furniture in my room. And nowhere else to put it. So sell it. I plan on getting a floor lamp and a bedside shelving unit thing once the room is reconfigured. If I could I would paint the walls. One of them anyway. Orange.
If you could re-do a room in your place what would you do??

--Little Bird is living the high life

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It All Depends On What You're Buying


When you go to the grocery store and buy the largest box of mac & cheese, they call it FAMILY SIZE
When you buy the largest box of crackers it's ........................FAMILY SIZE
When you buy the largest bag of chips they have dubb............PARTY SIZE
When you buy the mega box of condoms they call it .........ECONOMY SIZE
Economy size? Isn't that what you call a compact car? Obviously Family size won't work. I'm sure the good folks at the condom company don't want you to think about family when buying your prophyactics. It kind of defeats the purpose. Party size would work, but then they sound as if they condone orgies. So it begs the question. What should they call it?
These are the things that I think of when grocery shoping.

And I have proof that no good deed goes unpunished. My total came to $63 something*. I handed the nice cashier girl $70. She didn't look and typed in $80 and proceeded to give me $16 something in change. I stopped her and pointed out her mistake, not wanting her to get in trouble at the end of her shift. She thanked me and corrected it and helped me load up my eco-friendly canvas bags. I walked out of the store without my dish soap.

* $63 something will easily feed me for a week, soup, pasta, bread, peanut butter, soda, stuff like that. What it won't do is keep me in drinks. I will run out of the soda (sweetened with splenda) and propel by monday afternoon. And beer? Ha.
One of these days I'm going to get a membership to one of those mega-bulk stores and stock up on basics. My basics include: paper towels, toilet paper, soda (though they never have the kind I like) dry pasta, sundried tomatoes, propel (well it would be a basic if I had that membership) and beer. Oh yeah, and dish soap.

---Little Bird wants to know

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Throat Woes

Have you ever tried to burp when you have strep? It hurts. A lot.
I am now taking meds. And have throat spray. And soup. Tea has been a help, but really that new throat would really come in handy. Failing a new throat, I'd settle for being able to sleep.
Meanwhile in other news, there is no other news. I spent the day at home. I have no news to share. I know I sound all whiney but damnit, I'm in pain!!

--Little Bird is veeeeerrrrrry sleepy

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cabin Fever of Sorts

It has only been one day. I have had three very short conversations via the phone today. I can't talk. I can type and write. I am craving a social outlet. Now I know how Ginger feels when her cell phone is down and she can't text. Aaaaarrrrggghhh! Oww. I want a new throat. One that doesn't hurt.
I have nothing all day, other than the doctors visit. I need to be able to talk. Able to, I don't have actually do it. I just want to be able to. I just don't like feeling helpless.

--Little Bird is in the market for a new throat, and some new shoes

I Heart The Internets

The Sucky News

Al Gore "claimed" to have invented it. We use it everyday. I have started to take it for granted. Until today. I have strep. I can barely whisper. So this is how I get to talk today.
It feels like I attempted and failed to swallow a golf ball. Luckily I already had an appointment today to see my doctor. I had a whole conversation with her via paper. I had an explanation for her already written up. I had tried to anticipate what she might ask. According to her I did ok. She wrote me a scrip, and off I went. There is one slight problem. I am out of cash. And my folks, they are out of town. And the chain pharmacy* I go to won't take over the phone payment. So I am taking lots of anti-inflamatories, in the vain hopes that it at least helps the pain.
* No, the pharmacy I go to is in no way associated with the town of Perfect.
I would cry, but then that would make it all hurt even more.

The Lighter News

There was a Roller Derby match last night! And my favorite team did themselves proud. By that I mean they wiped the floor with their opponents!! Something like 63 to 12. GO FURY!!! I had a blast and came home with a hoodie. And strep apparently. If you live in a town that has a Womens Flat Track Roller Derby look it up and get thee to a match. It's a lot of fun, and the potential for blood and bodily damage is high. If you don't live in a town with a league, try to see if any trip you might already be planning coincides with a game.
Get the idea that I like it? I however, will never be a Derby Girl. You have to have health insurance to even try out. That alone excludes me. Couple that with the fact that I am clumsy to epic proportions and you have an avid fan, cheering her favorite team on to victory.

--Little Bird is whimpering in pain

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Cookies, They Were Tossed

Let me tell you about my day. It started last night. Well, to me it was last night. To all those who have never bartended it was kinda early this morning. I got off work early. At 11:30 pm. The bar was dead. So I went around the corner to the bar that is on a major street and therefore still open. I had a few drinks, flirted outrageously with the guy I cannot have and left only when they shoved me out the door. No, they didn't really shove me, more like a gentle nudge. Anyway I'm in a cab and I ask the cab driver (very nicely, if naievly) if he would make a detour and go through the drive through at the fast food franchise that owns America. He said yes and the detour was quick and painless. I got home started to eat and got caught up in some serious text-flirting with that guy I cannot have and didn't turn off the lights and attempt sleep untill 5 am.
I woke up at 9 am not feeling all that well. Really not all that well. I got up and grabbed a juice beverage that is made by one of those companies that sounds so nice and festive. Less than 15 minutes after that my cheeseburger and fries parted company with my stomach in a route that is exactly the opposite of the one I would have been ok with. I couldn't figure out what had made this happen*. It wasn't the juice beverage (30% juice only who knows what the rest is), I don't think. There was no aspartame in the stuff. I hadn't had too much to drink, indeed far less than what it would normaly take for me and the contents of my stomach to part ways in reverse. I'm left with my late night meal at the fast food place that has NO middle men (they own every aspect of their product from the cattle that make up the burgers, the potato farms that give us the nummy fries to the paper manufacturer that makes the bags and wrappers for the food). I've shared this story with a few friends and the best that we can come up with is the food was undercooked. And I had a true case of food poisoning. I seem to be fine now. Fine enough that at 8 PM tonight I had an order of 5 pepper shrimp over rice from the Thai place. And it seems to be agreeing with me just fine.

* This was also the very first time that my eyes weren't shut for the entire proccess. Let's just say the "stuff" came out with a bit of force. And I had never seen it arc before. And I hope I never see that again. Ever.

So here it is 3:25 am and I am still awake. I was not able to get back to sleep after the "incident". And I have a newfound sympathy for my mothers cat. The one who suffers from hairballs of mammoth proportion, and always manages to have that WTF? look on her face when they strike.

--Little Bird needs her sleep.... NOW!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Day in February Isn't Special

This is when all of you (all one of you) finds out that I hate the up-coming non-holiday. I mean despise. Even when I WAS in a relationship, it was always sucky. One boyfriend did ok. We just didn't do a whole lot for the day. We decided to do it that way. Another boyfriend (this time the title is used loosely) argued that we should drink the cheap wine and save the good wine (the one with the heart on the lable) for a special occasion. Um. Yeah. A special occasion. So. I hate valentines day. Enough to refuse to capitalize it. I've got a crush on someone unattainable. I THOUGHT someone else was interested in me, but he hasn't called. This is after he asked for my number. You can't see it but right now, I'm pouting.
It's snowing again. Again!! I think Chicago is going to be buried under snow. They'll have to bring in hellicopters to rescue us from the rooftops. I cannot go to work as it is STILL SNOWING!!!! Grrrrr.
So this is me feeling sorry for myself. I think I'm gonna take a hot bath and wallow.

--Little Bird is snowed in, litteraly and figuratively

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super-Fantastic Day

Ok, so first off it's been snowing since about 7am. Secondly I'm still hacking and wheezing. Thirdly, my hairdryer has literally died in flames. No really, flames. Coming out of my hairdrier. Towards my nearly dry (thus flamable) hair. I think I need a new hairdrier.
The good news is I can laze around for another evening. Too bad Thursday night TV sucks now. What happened with that? It used to be the best night for vegging out. I remember wanting to try and get Thursdays off, years ago, just so I could watch TV.
Maybe it's another Lush night. A nice hot soak might be just perfect.

--Little Bird is ready to veg out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tag, she's It

Apparently Ginger and I are playing the sick version of Tag. First she gets sick. Then I get sick. Now she's sick again. Meanwhile I'm still hacking and sneezing, but no congestion, and no headache. Knock on wood.
Roller Derby here in Chicago was Saturday, and was just so much awesome. I'm glad the new season started so I can watch the carnage and cheer. My favorite team wears my favorite color and somehow that just happened to be the case. I didn't know what their colors were before I went to my first game last year. I should explain. I know some of the girls on the team. They come into the bar. They've been coming in for a while now. The other teams not so much. So GO FURY!!!!!
And now for the sad news. One of my friends in my building is moving away. Far away. Kuwait. Sniff. He's been selling off his stuff and so I bought a poster to remind me of him. Of course it's a martini poster, booze related, because we had some partys. The pajama breakfast for one. Started at 10 am and went until 10 pm. I made waffles. Not Eggos. Real waffles that required a waffle-iron. Of course I used a mix, I am not Martha. So anyway, I'll get to see him one more time (I had to lure him with my chili {no I am NOT turning into her}) before he goes. I'll just look at the poster from time to time to remember him better. And toast to it every once in a while. Cheers!

--Little Bird is... is.... ah.. ahh.. ahCHOO!!! oh forget it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two Posts, One Day

Ok, have you ever had a moment of .... not exactly realization, but sorta.
Remember life before cell phones? Do you really?? I hadn't until I watched something on TV last night. Something with kids and a car wreck. Anyway, I had thought that if they had only had a cell phone the pretty lady wouldn't have died. Of course if she hadn't died, there would be no movie. So then I tried to think about a time in my childhood when a cell phone would have come in handy.
So I was about 10ish, I had to have been under 12 'cause my folks were still together. My parents had gone for a walk. I had opted to stay home (walks with the 'rents were unbelievably boring at that age) by myself. This had to have been one of the very first times I was ever allowed to be home alone. Ok, so I've been alone for all of ten minutes and the phone rings. It's some creep who feels it neccessary to tell me he's watching me. I hang up. He calls back. I panic. Mom and my father have been gone for only 10 minutes, and will stay gone for a good while longer. If they had had a cell phone I could have called them and they could have rushed home before some random guy knocked on the front door. My mom (who probably doesn't remember this incident) found me curled in a ball underneath the kitchen phone, completely losing my shit.
Of course, only the super-mega-rich had cell phones then, and at that point in technology those cell phones were roughly the size and weight of a cinderblock. They had SHOULDER BAGS to carry the behemoths.
Anyway, it was just one of those random thoughts that occured to me. I think I might need to get out more.

--Little Bird s just rambling along


Well I seem to have survived. I'm still sneezing my head off, but at least now it doesn't feel like my head is gonna explode. I will go to work this evening, in the bitter, bitter cold. It's about eleven degrees here and was snowing earlier today. This means mega-bundling. Think polar-fleece. Lots of polar-fleece.
I have managed to read a few books this past week. Or rather re-read a few books. But since I have been home sick, I don't have a lot to post. So I'll tell you to go to MetroDad, who has much to say on the evils of Disney (which honestly I'd be a little afraid to really do. Big company, admittedly evil, might show up at my door and forcibly brainwash me). Gofugyourself is always a good choice, as is icanhascheezburger. For icanhascheezburger, you really have to read the comments, sometimes they can be funnier than the original post.

--Little Bird will not be opening the door for strangers wearing large mouse ears

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pain, Woe, and Suffering

I'm sick. I'm not feeling very well. I left work early yesterday due to a migraine. Or rather a cluster headache, which as far as pain levels go is just as bad. I had a backwards "L" that was like electric blue chasing lights in my right eye. Sometime later it felt as if that eye was going to explode. I woke up this morning feeling as if I had smoked 3 or 5 packs of cigarettes last night. And given the fact that Chicago/Illinois banned smoking (in public places, like the bar where I work) I haven't been around smoke for a while. And to top it all off, my nose is stuffed up.
My head doesn't hurt quite as much tonight, but not by much. I wish I could go to sleep, but alas, I have slept a very large part of the day and am likely to be awake for awhile.
Maybe this is punnishment for crushes. I'm not sure I don't think I deserve it. I think I'll go watch lots and lots of bad TV now. G'night.

--Little Bird is feeling.....fuzzy.

P.S. Five points to whoever can tell me where those first two sentences came from.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scum, I Am

I am actually lower than scum. I have a bit of a crush on a guy that is completely and totaly off limits. He not only has a girlfriend, he has kids with said girlfriend. Now, I am a bit straight-laced when it comes to this sorta thing. NO POACHING ALLOWED. This is my rule. I never liked being cheated on, so I won't help anyone else cheat. Even if he has "permission". Which is another thing I would never countence. I am one of those who only dates one guy at a time. I expect that guy to date only me. I guess I don't share so well.
In other news, there is another option. A guy who comes in once in a while seemed to express interest. I'm thinking that I should go for this. He's smart (seems to be anyway), he's cute, and last but not least he's available.
Now, I must go brave the wintry-mix in my (new ORANGE) rubber rain boots. I may look silly, but I have dry, warm feet. Yes, I am bringing other shoes to wear at work. I am not looking forward to this weekends weather. Brrrrrrrr.

--Little Bird is conflicted

Monday, January 7, 2008

Lush, take me away!!

Chicago is currently experiencing a heat-wave. It was 63 degrees today people!! I did not need the fleece jacket over the fleece funnel-neck shirt. One or the other would have sufficed. Of course had I opted for the jacket a regular T-shirt would have been substituted. It was nice however to spend some time outside, walking around. I couldn't help feeling a bit confused, it IS January here, not May. Right this second it is thundering and there is lightning (you know, 'cause when you get one, you get both) and that is really messing with my mind. All day today it felt like a storm was coming. But it's January, we don't get thunderstorms in January!! At least not here. It feels like May out there, and it shouldn't. It should be cold!!! There should be snow. Ice even. Not this weirdness.
On a lighter, happier, less bitchy note, I got one of the three packages that I have been expecting!! Thank you Sweetie in St. Louis!! I got the Lush package today and intend to partake of part of it tonight. I'm thinking the red sparkly bubble bath. For those not in the know Lush is this amazing store/ company that makes hand made soaps, bubble baths, bath fizzies and other bath related items. And they all smell fantastic. Some of the stuff can be a little on the expensive end, but it IS meant to be a luxury. That being said I buy one of their shower gels for regular use at $18 a bottle. It smells good, and lasts me a very long time. That is my only excuse. I recomend everyone at least try one thing from them. If you have allergies read the ingredients first, they use a lot of organic ingredients. And yes they do have items I cannot use due to topical allergies. Why anyone wants to put mango oil in anything is beyond me.
I think I'll go take that sparkly bath now!

--Little Bird is about to be covered in glitter

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Whisper please

I seem to have survived. I think. My head hurts, my stomach is queasy, and I feel generally rotten. So I suppose by those standards last night was a rip-roaring success. Yippee. Ow.
I finaly got to show my swanky friend where I work. She was duely impressed. From her I received cow shaped salt and pepper shakers, black salt, pink peppercorns, and white truffle oil. Yum.... I see pasta in the future. Not today, I don't even want to think about food today.
From my co-worker/best friend in Chicago, Ginger I ended up with a boat-load of goodies. Star shaped dangle-y earrings, a little zipper purse made out of old sailcloth, a keychain with my initial on it -- a scrabble tile keychain that is. From her mom (kown as the Bacon Lady-- not to be confused with the Bacon Brothers) I got Super Scrabble!! It's Scrabble but with more spaces and more tiles. And quadruple letter and word score spaces. Oh, yeah Ginger also got me a Heineken mini keg. And that is part of why I feel like death warmed up. Not that that's a bad thing, it was great fun last night. Today is a different story.
From the customers (regulars) I also got gifts. From the licker (I will explain that one someday) I got a box of Hershey's Pot Of Gold Chocolates. From the idiot who made out with another girl while we were still dating I got a box of Fannie Mae chocolates. I do not know why he got me any thing (not complaining about that), let alone why he still comes in to the bar (yes complaining about that). Interesting that the two most reprehensible men I have ever met gave essentialy the same gift. Apparently drunk minds think alike.
So yes, I have had an eventful birthday. Now I would just like to recuperate in peace and quiet. Oh, and could you make the sun go down so I can do this in the nice soothing dark too?

--Little Bird only slightly regretful

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today, so far

It is my birthday today and let me share what has transpired thus far.
I woke up early (for me, remember? I'm a bartender) and had a light mocha frappechino.
I went to my doctors for a regular check up and they did a blood draw. So much fun. Whoo hoo. Have I mentioned that I hate shots?
I am currently procrastinating cleaning my apartment. I have at least put all dirty clothing in the closet where it belongs.
I am such a party animal. Can't you tell?
Tonight I meet some friends for a drunkening, and a gift exchange. I was gone over Christmas so we are doing Christmas on my birthday. I am looking forward to both and intend to thoroughly enjoy myself.
So far in the past 13 sentences I have managed to start 7 of then with the WORD "I". This is an embarrassment. Not as much of one as my inablity to spell, but a close second. Ooooohhhhh, I should go see if any more packages have arrived today!! My guess? No, no more packages will have arrived. Ah, well.

--Little Bird is one year older.