Thursday, January 3, 2008

Whisper please

I seem to have survived. I think. My head hurts, my stomach is queasy, and I feel generally rotten. So I suppose by those standards last night was a rip-roaring success. Yippee. Ow.
I finaly got to show my swanky friend where I work. She was duely impressed. From her I received cow shaped salt and pepper shakers, black salt, pink peppercorns, and white truffle oil. Yum.... I see pasta in the future. Not today, I don't even want to think about food today.
From my co-worker/best friend in Chicago, Ginger I ended up with a boat-load of goodies. Star shaped dangle-y earrings, a little zipper purse made out of old sailcloth, a keychain with my initial on it -- a scrabble tile keychain that is. From her mom (kown as the Bacon Lady-- not to be confused with the Bacon Brothers) I got Super Scrabble!! It's Scrabble but with more spaces and more tiles. And quadruple letter and word score spaces. Oh, yeah Ginger also got me a Heineken mini keg. And that is part of why I feel like death warmed up. Not that that's a bad thing, it was great fun last night. Today is a different story.
From the customers (regulars) I also got gifts. From the licker (I will explain that one someday) I got a box of Hershey's Pot Of Gold Chocolates. From the idiot who made out with another girl while we were still dating I got a box of Fannie Mae chocolates. I do not know why he got me any thing (not complaining about that), let alone why he still comes in to the bar (yes complaining about that). Interesting that the two most reprehensible men I have ever met gave essentialy the same gift. Apparently drunk minds think alike.
So yes, I have had an eventful birthday. Now I would just like to recuperate in peace and quiet. Oh, and could you make the sun go down so I can do this in the nice soothing dark too?

--Little Bird only slightly regretful

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