Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well I seem to have survived. I'm still sneezing my head off, but at least now it doesn't feel like my head is gonna explode. I will go to work this evening, in the bitter, bitter cold. It's about eleven degrees here and was snowing earlier today. This means mega-bundling. Think polar-fleece. Lots of polar-fleece.
I have managed to read a few books this past week. Or rather re-read a few books. But since I have been home sick, I don't have a lot to post. So I'll tell you to go to MetroDad, who has much to say on the evils of Disney (which honestly I'd be a little afraid to really do. Big company, admittedly evil, might show up at my door and forcibly brainwash me). Gofugyourself is always a good choice, as is icanhascheezburger. For icanhascheezburger, you really have to read the comments, sometimes they can be funnier than the original post.

--Little Bird will not be opening the door for strangers wearing large mouse ears

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