Friday, February 5, 2010


I found out the other day that it might be possible to for me to hook my busted laptop up to my television set. All I need are some cables and maybe an adapter. Which I may already have. This will only work if the problem is in the screen and not the video card. I'm hoping for a $40 fix, instead of a $400 fix.
I think I also found out that I may be a touch OCD. If only in VERY slow cycles. I spent a goodly portion of yesterday clearing out a few drawers and organizing my movies. And my jewelry box. And then I made a schedule of when I'll clean what in the next week or so. I also have this odd desire to start scrapbooking. Something I've never been interested in before. A therapist would likely tell me that all this is some kind of attempt to impose order on my life. What you have to understand is, I hate cleaning. I hate organizing. Dunno why. Just do. The drawers in my room are usually catch-alls for all the random pieces of paper I accumulate. And pens. And cards. And beads etc. etc. (This is also likely some deeply rooted subconscious need being filled in some way.) I only get into organization mode once or twice a year. And usually it's not me who initiates it.
What's amusing to me about this is, this time I've been able to see it. And parse it. And even though I think I know what's going on, I still have the urge to organize. Maybe I should start doing some of this at night, since I'm not really sleeping anyway. Maybe I'll be done in under a week that way! Since getting up this morning I've already cleaned out two more drawers and plan on getting the rest of that set done today/tonight. Next up, the book drawer (under the bed and not in any way part of the drawer set I am currently working on).

--Little Bird is organizing... again

Monday, February 1, 2010

Verizon sucks, part III

It just keeps getting worse. Now they say that there were TWO phones charged to us!! TWO equipment fees!! PLUS late fees and taxes on all of that stuff!!! That's right, taxes on items that we never ordered AND had removed from our bill. They seemed to think we should still pay the tax on the item even though the item did get removed. They say our bill is well over a thousand dollars now. So, Mama Bird had a rather lengthy conversation with someone over at Verizon's offices. We think we have it cleared up. We're still waiting on that bill. And they know for a fact that we will be taking our business elsewhere.
We think the second phone thing is a clerical screw-up due entirely to reporting it. That, or they're trying to get us to pay for as much as they can (real or invented) because they know we're dropping them. Either way, it sucks.
Learn from this fiasco, do NOT sign up with Verizon!!

--Little Bird is tired of it all.