Monday, February 1, 2010

Verizon sucks, part III

It just keeps getting worse. Now they say that there were TWO phones charged to us!! TWO equipment fees!! PLUS late fees and taxes on all of that stuff!!! That's right, taxes on items that we never ordered AND had removed from our bill. They seemed to think we should still pay the tax on the item even though the item did get removed. They say our bill is well over a thousand dollars now. So, Mama Bird had a rather lengthy conversation with someone over at Verizon's offices. We think we have it cleared up. We're still waiting on that bill. And they know for a fact that we will be taking our business elsewhere.
We think the second phone thing is a clerical screw-up due entirely to reporting it. That, or they're trying to get us to pay for as much as they can (real or invented) because they know we're dropping them. Either way, it sucks.
Learn from this fiasco, do NOT sign up with Verizon!!

--Little Bird is tired of it all.


Ms B said...

What a nightmare! I did see the other day that the FCC is taking a look at early cancellation fees. There may be some new regulations in the future here. Sorry it didn't help you here, though.

Maskun said...


Lotharyx said...

All residential service providers are ready and capable of screwing their customers.

Verizon has much, much better service coverage in my area compared to AT&T. For iPhone users in my town, those two providers are the only choices.

I recently heard some advice about what to do when a service provider screws up and doesn't want to fix it: take them to small-claims court. Often simply mentioning small-claims court will light fires under the right bottoms to get the issue resolved in your favor.