Thursday, January 28, 2010

Verizon sucks, part two

So, the fraud department was supposed to take care of the problem and they seemed to do so. I stopped getting texts threatening to shut off my service at least. Until yesterday. I got the text and called Mama Bird. Needless to say she got a little upset and her voice rose a few octaves while we were talking. She called Verizon and lit into them. They had an explanation. Of COURSE they had an explanation. That explanation was in a word LAME. They said that the bill was actually somewhere around $500 because of an "equipment" fee. This is a fee that gets applied when you order a device and don't activate it. But, let's remember... we didn't order any device in the first place. Then they tell us that we have some late fees to deal with. But we STILL haven't gotten our bill!! It turns out that they either didn't change our shipping and billing address back to what it should be, or they did so incorrectly.
We are not going to have to pay any late fees. We did get that cleared up. I think. I hope. And as soon as that bill is paid, we are all getting new phones with a new provider.

There is other stuff going on as well, but nothing I can talk about here really.

--Little Bird anticipates an iPhone (maybe)


Chris said...

"Lame explanations" seems to be a neccessary trait when dealing with customers or working in billing. I can really understand your frustration (been there, done that), and hope it gets sorted out quickly.

Hey, if you feel the urge to talk about that other stuff just say so.

Little Bird said...

Not here. Seems like it might be cruel.

P.S. I have a theory about LOLforce, don't know if he could stand to take such a "low" name though. If it's who I think it is, you share my opinion of him.

Chris said...

I'm not familiar with the FB hierarchy, I lurk there but never post and only sometimes reading a few of the comments. So I'm rather clueless and probably not the one you thought of -g-.

Little Bird said...

Nope, you're right, you AREN'T who I thought you were! You should comment there, it's fun!

coyote said...

Want to go halvsies on a contract to liquidate Alexander Graham Bell?