Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey all! I am somewhat better tonight. I never did get around to that hot bath. Mores the pity.
That casserole I made yesterday works well for leftovers. I added more chicken broth and some sun dried tomatoes. It was yummy. There has been some more wine, but that is to be expected. And more failblogging. Also to be expected.
This weekend I am planning a get together with a few friends, a chili dinner. I will make lots of chili, and have lots of beer to pass around.
I will say, for those of you who live here in Chi-town, the next roller derby is the 25th of Oct. @ UIC pavilion. I certainly plan on being there, do you?

--Little Bird is taking it easier.... tonight.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Evenings at My Place.

I think I've figured out how the government is going to bail itself out. By harassing me for money that THEY say I owe them. Something about a student loan that they say exists. I don't think so. So that was how my day went. I got the call after my earlier post. I spent the entire day fretting about this. Arrrrrgggg!!!!! I don't need this!!
Of course, if the government is using this method to bail itself out, it's not gonna work. I have no money. If indeed this loan did exist, I don't have any money to give them anyway.
I've made a casserole, and had some wine. I don't think this was the wisest course of action. But, maybe, just maybe, I will be able sleep without waking up 10 times due to nightmares about government coming to take me away. What do you think the chances are? Yeah, I don't have high hopes for this one either.
So tonight has been a plethora of bad tv and shameless failblogging. Usually it's one or the other. Tonight, it is both. It's that kind of night. I will follow up all of this with a nice hot bath. The jackass from the collection agency will say that if I can afford to take a bath, I can afford to pay off the loan. The loan that I NEVER TOOK OUT!!!
He, the jackass at the collection agency, seems to think that I should just lean on some family member for the money. That my address means that I have money. That I should be falling all over myself, begging them to take money that I don't have.
Sigh. These are the things I think of at night.

--Little Bird is about 2 sheets to the wind

Mornings at My House

So, I have been doing some baking. Specifically pies. Last week I made an apple pie. I had never made this before, so I was apprehensive. It turned out great! My folks loved it. Yesterday I mad a chicken pot pie. Let me tell you, this was not a quick and easy ordeal. First there was the roasting of an entire chicken. The bird was stuffed with an onion and an apple and celery. And sprinkled with rosemary and sage after being rubbed with butter. More veggies were cut up, gravy was made, and all of this went into a pie crust and back into the oven. All in all it was pretty good. I think next time I will use more meat and less carrots and peas. I really don't like carrots or peas.
We didn't use all the chicken so tonight I am making some kind of casserole. I am trying to figure out how to make this without using cream or cheese. My stepfather can't have those things. I, on the other hand LOVE those things!

In other news, I'm pretty happy. Things are going well. I have flyers for the cat sitting venture. Hopefully I'll have some clients soon. I still spend way too much time on failblog, but it's an addiction.
My mother left this morning for a business trip. Calling me at 7:30 to ask me to come over to please, please braid her hair for her. She does that. The upside of that is that I get up earlier than I would otherwise. This morning was spent walking to the park and drinking coffee, sitting and reading. It was nice. Relaxing.
It's only 10:30 and I'm a little bored. I'm sure there are things that I could (and should) be doing. I am lazy bored. I don't feel like doing anything. Meh.

--Little Bird is awake, grudgingly.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning.

I know that it is Saturday.
So, lucky you, you get two posts in two days! I went out last night with a group of friends, and tried to get one friend out of his shell. The Romantic Interest of the Male Persuasion (TRIMP) and I ended up leaving him to fend for himself. With one of the Maggies. Poor boy. Then the TRIMP and I went to a housewarming party for one of his high school friends. So far this past week I have seen TRIMP Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and tonight is art-gallery-at-a-friends house. I couldn't be happier. Halloween costume ideas are coming along. Now I have added "los dia de los muerto figure (female)" and the most terrifying costume ever.... Sarah Palin, VP. I'll need a wig for that last one. Again, ideas are welcome.
It is raining cats and dogs here, and the walk from the red-line station home turned quite damp. TRIMP lent me an umbrella when I left this morning, so I wasn't completely soaked. but it was a near thing. I have to say that some of this city's subway/el stations are less than lovely. While others are quite nice. The station by TRIMP is very nice. The stop by me, not so much. The Jackson stop has amazing acoustics. There was a guy there singing with a guitar and it sounded nice. He had a great voice.

--Little Bird is singing in the rain

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Did Not Fall Off The Planet

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted in a while. There is a very good reason for that. I have been busy. I have been out of town. I have been spending time with a certain someone. If you could see the grin on my face with that last one you would forgive me my absence. This past month or so has been remarkably busy. Out of town guests, concerts in the park, RedBulls flying machine extravaganza. Oh, and Failblog, where I have learned how to waste an obscene amount of time. I don't work at the bar anymore. I have just started looking into a job at either the library or a bookstore.
That about brings us up to speed. Upcoming is an evening discussing art and whatnot, and the planning of halloween and thanksgiving both. A friend has "hired" me to cook thanksgiving dinner for all the maitence guys and doormen in my building. It'll be traditional. Turkey (brined), mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean cassarole (as per request), lemon-sage green beans, and pumpkin pie.
As for halloween, I have no idea what to do. The best I've got is "gothed-out librarian". And that just doesn't seem right. I welcome any ideas.

--Little Bird is all atwitter.