Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today, so far

It is my birthday today and let me share what has transpired thus far.
I woke up early (for me, remember? I'm a bartender) and had a light mocha frappechino.
I went to my doctors for a regular check up and they did a blood draw. So much fun. Whoo hoo. Have I mentioned that I hate shots?
I am currently procrastinating cleaning my apartment. I have at least put all dirty clothing in the closet where it belongs.
I am such a party animal. Can't you tell?
Tonight I meet some friends for a drunkening, and a gift exchange. I was gone over Christmas so we are doing Christmas on my birthday. I am looking forward to both and intend to thoroughly enjoy myself.
So far in the past 13 sentences I have managed to start 7 of then with the WORD "I". This is an embarrassment. Not as much of one as my inablity to spell, but a close second. Ooooohhhhh, I should go see if any more packages have arrived today!! My guess? No, no more packages will have arrived. Ah, well.

--Little Bird is one year older.

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