Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tag, she's It

Apparently Ginger and I are playing the sick version of Tag. First she gets sick. Then I get sick. Now she's sick again. Meanwhile I'm still hacking and sneezing, but no congestion, and no headache. Knock on wood.
Roller Derby here in Chicago was Saturday, and was just so much awesome. I'm glad the new season started so I can watch the carnage and cheer. My favorite team wears my favorite color and somehow that just happened to be the case. I didn't know what their colors were before I went to my first game last year. I should explain. I know some of the girls on the team. They come into the bar. They've been coming in for a while now. The other teams not so much. So GO FURY!!!!!
And now for the sad news. One of my friends in my building is moving away. Far away. Kuwait. Sniff. He's been selling off his stuff and so I bought a poster to remind me of him. Of course it's a martini poster, booze related, because we had some partys. The pajama breakfast for one. Started at 10 am and went until 10 pm. I made waffles. Not Eggos. Real waffles that required a waffle-iron. Of course I used a mix, I am not Martha. So anyway, I'll get to see him one more time (I had to lure him with my chili {no I am NOT turning into her}) before he goes. I'll just look at the poster from time to time to remember him better. And toast to it every once in a while. Cheers!

--Little Bird is... is.... ah.. ahh.. ahCHOO!!! oh forget it.

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