Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two Posts, One Day

Ok, have you ever had a moment of .... not exactly realization, but sorta.
Remember life before cell phones? Do you really?? I hadn't until I watched something on TV last night. Something with kids and a car wreck. Anyway, I had thought that if they had only had a cell phone the pretty lady wouldn't have died. Of course if she hadn't died, there would be no movie. So then I tried to think about a time in my childhood when a cell phone would have come in handy.
So I was about 10ish, I had to have been under 12 'cause my folks were still together. My parents had gone for a walk. I had opted to stay home (walks with the 'rents were unbelievably boring at that age) by myself. This had to have been one of the very first times I was ever allowed to be home alone. Ok, so I've been alone for all of ten minutes and the phone rings. It's some creep who feels it neccessary to tell me he's watching me. I hang up. He calls back. I panic. Mom and my father have been gone for only 10 minutes, and will stay gone for a good while longer. If they had had a cell phone I could have called them and they could have rushed home before some random guy knocked on the front door. My mom (who probably doesn't remember this incident) found me curled in a ball underneath the kitchen phone, completely losing my shit.
Of course, only the super-mega-rich had cell phones then, and at that point in technology those cell phones were roughly the size and weight of a cinderblock. They had SHOULDER BAGS to carry the behemoths.
Anyway, it was just one of those random thoughts that occured to me. I think I might need to get out more.

--Little Bird s just rambling along

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