Monday, January 7, 2008

Lush, take me away!!

Chicago is currently experiencing a heat-wave. It was 63 degrees today people!! I did not need the fleece jacket over the fleece funnel-neck shirt. One or the other would have sufficed. Of course had I opted for the jacket a regular T-shirt would have been substituted. It was nice however to spend some time outside, walking around. I couldn't help feeling a bit confused, it IS January here, not May. Right this second it is thundering and there is lightning (you know, 'cause when you get one, you get both) and that is really messing with my mind. All day today it felt like a storm was coming. But it's January, we don't get thunderstorms in January!! At least not here. It feels like May out there, and it shouldn't. It should be cold!!! There should be snow. Ice even. Not this weirdness.
On a lighter, happier, less bitchy note, I got one of the three packages that I have been expecting!! Thank you Sweetie in St. Louis!! I got the Lush package today and intend to partake of part of it tonight. I'm thinking the red sparkly bubble bath. For those not in the know Lush is this amazing store/ company that makes hand made soaps, bubble baths, bath fizzies and other bath related items. And they all smell fantastic. Some of the stuff can be a little on the expensive end, but it IS meant to be a luxury. That being said I buy one of their shower gels for regular use at $18 a bottle. It smells good, and lasts me a very long time. That is my only excuse. I recomend everyone at least try one thing from them. If you have allergies read the ingredients first, they use a lot of organic ingredients. And yes they do have items I cannot use due to topical allergies. Why anyone wants to put mango oil in anything is beyond me.
I think I'll go take that sparkly bath now!

--Little Bird is about to be covered in glitter

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