Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scum, I Am

I am actually lower than scum. I have a bit of a crush on a guy that is completely and totaly off limits. He not only has a girlfriend, he has kids with said girlfriend. Now, I am a bit straight-laced when it comes to this sorta thing. NO POACHING ALLOWED. This is my rule. I never liked being cheated on, so I won't help anyone else cheat. Even if he has "permission". Which is another thing I would never countence. I am one of those who only dates one guy at a time. I expect that guy to date only me. I guess I don't share so well.
In other news, there is another option. A guy who comes in once in a while seemed to express interest. I'm thinking that I should go for this. He's smart (seems to be anyway), he's cute, and last but not least he's available.
Now, I must go brave the wintry-mix in my (new ORANGE) rubber rain boots. I may look silly, but I have dry, warm feet. Yes, I am bringing other shoes to wear at work. I am not looking forward to this weekends weather. Brrrrrrrr.

--Little Bird is conflicted

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Anonymous said...

You don't have to date him to have a nice friendly fuck.