Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I survived. More importantly so did my family. I am home and got to sleep in my own bed last night. I slept like a rock, a warm and cozy rock.
I'll start with the train ride. It was, to date, the least late of all the trips I have taken. I had two seats to myself for almost all of the ride. That means I was able to sleep. Not that sleep on a train, in coach, is particularly restful. My food and drink reserves held for the whole trip. The fly in the ointment was the 2 hour stint from Denver to Granby when I had some old geezer sit next to me and spout a bunch of racist, bigoted bullshit as if he thought I might agree with him. It was Japs this, and Obama that, and something about how if his daughter had ever come home with a black guy, she wouldn't be welcome. I could hear the people sitting behind me gasping. I just smiled, told him that everyone has an opinion and then I attempted to change the subject. I was tempted to tell him to shut the fuck up and keep his hatred to himself. I was tempted to tell him (politely) that it might be best if he found another place to sit. The train was full. That is why I did neither. I did not want to be stuck sitting next to him while he directed that hatred and ignorance at me.
My family was only marginally better than that guy. I was asked my political views by an uncle who really wasn't trying to be argumentative. He honestly wanted to know what I thought. His sister in law, my aunt however tried to start a "debate". I told her that I knew that her opinions were not the same as mine, and that she was entitled to those opinions. Just as I was entitled to mine. That I would not argue politics with her, as we would NEVER change each others minds.
I stayed at a cousins house, on an air mattress. Word to the wise, when up in the mountains, in the cold, air mattresses need to have a blanket that you sleep on top of PLUS about 3 more to cover yourself with. The air inside the mattress is the same temp as the room. And the room I slept in was about 40 degrees.
Gift giving went well, I now have more orange stuff. And more salt and pepper shakers. And more crosses. I gave every one pieces of cross stitch, and then told them how it was intended to be "used". For one uncle I had a gift card, since he lost his house to a fire. I figure he knows what he needs and I don't want to get him something useless.
The train ride home was late getting to the station. By an hour. But it was nice. I saw a bald eagle launch itself into the air. I saw others in trees. I saw a huge herd of elk, running in the snow. I saw wild turkeys in the corner of a field. I saw the sun rise all pink and orange, over some hills. I saw the frost glitter on the dirt road that ran along side of the tracks. And I saw horses playing in the snow. All of this was beautiful.
My train arrived home at 7pm. THREE hours late. I was never so happy to be home. To sleep in a REAL bed. And a friend of mine gave me an early birthday present. A case of beer. It was a fantastic homecoming. Now, I just need to gear up for Friday, my birthday. I will try not to do what I did last year. And hopefully I won't need to spend Saturday hiding under the blankets and pillows with a pounding hangover.

--Little Bird is back in the nest


Mamabird said...

Glad you made it home OK. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. See you in a few days,

coyote said...

Welcome home and happy new year Avis. Talk at you later.

Hertz said...

Avis....followed the link from failblog to here. How do I subscribe to your blog? Is it through any series of incantations or tribal dancing? Or is it more mundane and pedestrian?

Little Bird said...

You can just bookmark it I guess. I'm not really sure otherwise. I'm not all that computer savvy. If you get your own blog at blogspot there's probably a way to subscribe.
Love the name btw.

Jared said...

Avis, I wholeheartedly agree about the air mattress. The cold is only marginally better than when they go flat in the middle of the night... Your description of the sights on the way home made me long for the mountains again, the snow-covered fields and peaks I grew up with. Thanks for that, those are good memories.
Keep warm, and happy birthday!

Hertz said...

OK....i think I am going to be a failblog junky. Anyplace I can fire sarcastic vollies at other sarcastic people...I'm in!

BTW...i just saved this blog as a fave!

coyote said...

Avis if you are ever feeling too cheerful and pleased with the world take a look at this web site that I found (I'm not sure how I found it, but I did).
It is unbelievably asinine. I am sure that your traveling companion would love it.