Monday, May 26, 2008


I think I died last night. I feel dead. I hurt all over, my head feels as if it's in a vise. The drunkening that was yesterday broke a few people. And tonight there is ANOTHER barbeque to go to. I don't think I'll be drinking much. I think we drank for 15 hours yesterday. It hurts just to write that. I did have fun though.
We barbequed at the bar. Burgers, chicken legs, skirt steak (just freakin amazing), and bacon cheddar mashed potatos, and garlic mashed potatos, and potato salad, and corn on the cob, and s'mores. It's entirely possible that I ate too much. It's also probably why I didn't get sick or pass out from the beer. I drink slow, so I don't think I had THAT many. I mean REALLY slow.
Tonight I intend to take it easy. The Bacon Bros. are the hosts tonight. I might just bring soda. The really great part about tonight is that Chicagos very own Bacon Bros. have some really cool friends. Smart, well read and well spoken. I look forward to meeting more of them. And re-meeting a few, as some of us may not remember the first meeting.
I posted once before about these Bacon Bros. and said I would explain the name. No, it is not a refference to the actor and his brother. The Bacon Bros. are step-brothers, and one of them had a girlfriend that lived with them for awhile and she kept a kosher kitchen. The first thing the boys did when she moved out was fry two pounds of bacon. They are regulars at the bar. When I met them I had a hard time remembering their names, so after I heard the story I nick-named them the Bacon Bros. The beauty of it is that they like the name. I think they may even revel in it, just a little.

--Little Bird is feeling fuzzy

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