Monday, June 2, 2008

It Hits The Fan

So this is what happens when you burn your candle at both ends AND everyone you know is going through some kind of life crisis. You get sick!! Again!! I have the same sore throat thing I had 5 months ago. And I feel generally icky. Time to slow down and take it a bit easier.
You already know about my dating diaster. A friend is going through her own right now, and still another is going through an even worse one. These two friends are very important to me, so their problems are not to be taken lightly. At least as far as I am concerned.
To add to all of this I got a call from a relative informing me that my fathers recent MRI shows that he might have brain cancer. Oh goody. I managed to get a cell number so I can reach him and not have to attempt a conversation with the woman who hates me. Besides, I can't speak very loudly right now and don't wish to be chastised for it. Because oh yes, she would. Also I'm sure she will manage to find a way to blame me if this is indeed cancer. But really, she's a lovely person. Compared to death row inmates that have had to be separated from the general population. She and I do not get along all that well.
Other than all of that the latest roller derby outting was fantastic fun! Well, most of it anyway. I bought skates and very much want to get out there and skate. I just would like to do it when it doesn't feel as if there were a golf ball lodged in my throat. Right now I just want to curl up and sleep for a week or three.

-Little Bird has crash landed

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