Friday, May 2, 2008


The things we think of and go so far as to say. In public no less. So I go to this website,, alot. I comment every so often. So I saw a post about pigeons, and felt it neccessary to say something. Because here in the windy city we have some sizable pigeons. I mean big. So I said something about these large "pijuns". That they are the size of chickens. And are therefore frightening. Even more so because of their propensity to dive-bomb unsuspecting people. I reffered to them as "Chikin sized divebombing pijuns. Fun" . And it dawned on me that on occasion these large birds are too unweildy to effectively dive bomb anyone.
Also on the subject of pigeons, someone in an apartment nearby (that I can see into) thought it a good idea to paint a very large room.... wait for it...pigeon-foot-pink. Ick. It's an unusual choice especialy for so large a room. Dove gray I could see, but the pink? No.

--Little Bird is leery of the dive-bombing pigeons

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