Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, For Crying Out Loud!!

Ok, so now I'm officially giving up. He called. We talked. We made plans to get together today. I called him to tell him I was back at home and he could come by anytime. I had to leave it as a message because he didn't answer his phone. I called a little later to see what the ETA was.... and HE TURNED HIS PHONE OFF!!! I don't care if he feels poorly today, he can pick up the damn phone and tell me so. I think I'll not be returning any calls from him, not that I expect to get any.

---Little Bird is fed up


Anonymous said...

I feel a lot of sweetness for you because I went through some of what you must so I hope you will pardon this bit of unsolicited advise. Relax, live in the moment, test being brutally honest with people and learn to feel your own feelings and trust them. And I don't know about this one but if you are ever hard on yourself, STOP IT....

Unfortunately sometimes you can only reach all this by living, loving, failing and learning.... youth as they say is wasted on the young.

In any case, you seem like a very sweet young lady, enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to explore that sweetness.

little bird said...

Thank you. For both the advise and the compliment.

-Little Bird