Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Day in February Isn't Special

This is when all of you (all one of you) finds out that I hate the up-coming non-holiday. I mean despise. Even when I WAS in a relationship, it was always sucky. One boyfriend did ok. We just didn't do a whole lot for the day. We decided to do it that way. Another boyfriend (this time the title is used loosely) argued that we should drink the cheap wine and save the good wine (the one with the heart on the lable) for a special occasion. Um. Yeah. A special occasion. So. I hate valentines day. Enough to refuse to capitalize it. I've got a crush on someone unattainable. I THOUGHT someone else was interested in me, but he hasn't called. This is after he asked for my number. You can't see it but right now, I'm pouting.
It's snowing again. Again!! I think Chicago is going to be buried under snow. They'll have to bring in hellicopters to rescue us from the rooftops. I cannot go to work as it is STILL SNOWING!!!! Grrrrr.
So this is me feeling sorry for myself. I think I'm gonna take a hot bath and wallow.

--Little Bird is snowed in, litteraly and figuratively


Garnet said...

I'm not fond of Feb. 14th for much the same reasons. Cheer up, Lil Bird, ye can always hang out with me, and we'll chat for length about our respective failed romances. Hope today went well for ye.

little bird said...

Lucky, lucky me, I get to work on the evil vile day. AND we have DJ's coming in that day. The whole damn place will likely be full of couples. Being cute and couple-ish. I may want to poison them all. We actually may have to do something to get them all to leave at closing. Somethng about a DJ seems to make the hipsters linger. And the hipsters suck because they're pretentious and they can't hold they're liquor. And they don't tip.