Saturday, February 23, 2008

It All Depends On What You're Buying


When you go to the grocery store and buy the largest box of mac & cheese, they call it FAMILY SIZE
When you buy the largest box of crackers it's ........................FAMILY SIZE
When you buy the largest bag of chips they have dubb............PARTY SIZE
When you buy the mega box of condoms they call it .........ECONOMY SIZE
Economy size? Isn't that what you call a compact car? Obviously Family size won't work. I'm sure the good folks at the condom company don't want you to think about family when buying your prophyactics. It kind of defeats the purpose. Party size would work, but then they sound as if they condone orgies. So it begs the question. What should they call it?
These are the things that I think of when grocery shoping.

And I have proof that no good deed goes unpunished. My total came to $63 something*. I handed the nice cashier girl $70. She didn't look and typed in $80 and proceeded to give me $16 something in change. I stopped her and pointed out her mistake, not wanting her to get in trouble at the end of her shift. She thanked me and corrected it and helped me load up my eco-friendly canvas bags. I walked out of the store without my dish soap.

* $63 something will easily feed me for a week, soup, pasta, bread, peanut butter, soda, stuff like that. What it won't do is keep me in drinks. I will run out of the soda (sweetened with splenda) and propel by monday afternoon. And beer? Ha.
One of these days I'm going to get a membership to one of those mega-bulk stores and stock up on basics. My basics include: paper towels, toilet paper, soda (though they never have the kind I like) dry pasta, sundried tomatoes, propel (well it would be a basic if I had that membership) and beer. Oh yeah, and dish soap.

---Little Bird wants to know


ginger said...

Why were you buying condoms, missy?

Just let me know, I'll take you some time to big box hell.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't buying, merely an observation. When you're shopping and you have a limited budget, you notice the differences in sizes and in prices. This questioneconomy vs family vs party is actually one I've had for a while now.

--Little Bird

Anonymous said...

"question of" economy even