Friday, February 29, 2008

Warning, Political Rant.

Ok, I'm cheating here. This is something I wrote July 4th, of last year. I found it yesterday while I was going through my files. I thought I would share.

The other day I was talking with my cousin and a friend about music. Elvis to be exact. The friend said something along the lines of how Elvis, while great, started out by using other peoples music and style. My cousin said that Elvis was America. That's right, she said he WAS America. My initial response to this was "You mean the guy who got fat, was a total druggie and ended up dead on the crapper." Yes, I actually said crapper.
She took offense to my remark. She had meant that he started out poor, worked hard and lived the american dream. Hmmmm.... the american dream huh? I'm not buying it. But I stand by MY analogy. Think about it. Yeah when he was young and just starting out you could argue that he was good. Great even. Then he got celebrity. And money. And with those things came sycophants. Those guys who toady up to the rich and famous. Let's not forget the folks who waved a few drugs around at him. He did drugs, we all knew that. Whether it was the drugs or the sycophants that encouraged the gold lame jumpsuits and made him blind to his ever increasing girth we'll never know. Even his art suffered. His best stuff is from his youth. But the point is he ended up fat, drugged out, and dead on a toilet.
Now, for how that relates to the U.S. In it's youth america was...well... not the best of nations considering the native americans, but for a period of time, say in my grand parents time, patriotism was paramount. We were on top of the world. THE world leader. We had the best schools. We were healthy. It was all God and Country.
Then we let it go to our head. We thought ourselves invincible. Our power became our drug. We as a society got fat. And lazy. And as tacky as a gold lame jumpsuit. We are now the laughing stock of the planet. They call us "ugly americans" . Because we are so ethnocentric it IS laughable.
Now we have an administration that is trying to run the country like a corporation. And the person at the head of this "corporation" has sent how many previous corporations where? Down the toilet.

--Little Bird will now get off her soapbox

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