Friday, February 15, 2008

My Cookies, They Were Tossed

Let me tell you about my day. It started last night. Well, to me it was last night. To all those who have never bartended it was kinda early this morning. I got off work early. At 11:30 pm. The bar was dead. So I went around the corner to the bar that is on a major street and therefore still open. I had a few drinks, flirted outrageously with the guy I cannot have and left only when they shoved me out the door. No, they didn't really shove me, more like a gentle nudge. Anyway I'm in a cab and I ask the cab driver (very nicely, if naievly) if he would make a detour and go through the drive through at the fast food franchise that owns America. He said yes and the detour was quick and painless. I got home started to eat and got caught up in some serious text-flirting with that guy I cannot have and didn't turn off the lights and attempt sleep untill 5 am.
I woke up at 9 am not feeling all that well. Really not all that well. I got up and grabbed a juice beverage that is made by one of those companies that sounds so nice and festive. Less than 15 minutes after that my cheeseburger and fries parted company with my stomach in a route that is exactly the opposite of the one I would have been ok with. I couldn't figure out what had made this happen*. It wasn't the juice beverage (30% juice only who knows what the rest is), I don't think. There was no aspartame in the stuff. I hadn't had too much to drink, indeed far less than what it would normaly take for me and the contents of my stomach to part ways in reverse. I'm left with my late night meal at the fast food place that has NO middle men (they own every aspect of their product from the cattle that make up the burgers, the potato farms that give us the nummy fries to the paper manufacturer that makes the bags and wrappers for the food). I've shared this story with a few friends and the best that we can come up with is the food was undercooked. And I had a true case of food poisoning. I seem to be fine now. Fine enough that at 8 PM tonight I had an order of 5 pepper shrimp over rice from the Thai place. And it seems to be agreeing with me just fine.

* This was also the very first time that my eyes weren't shut for the entire proccess. Let's just say the "stuff" came out with a bit of force. And I had never seen it arc before. And I hope I never see that again. Ever.

So here it is 3:25 am and I am still awake. I was not able to get back to sleep after the "incident". And I have a newfound sympathy for my mothers cat. The one who suffers from hairballs of mammoth proportion, and always manages to have that WTF? look on her face when they strike.

--Little Bird needs her sleep.... NOW!!!

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