Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nothing In Particular

WoooHooo!! Heatwave! It's 50 degrees!! The heater is off, my window is open, it feels awesome. Yes, it actually is a little too cold for it, but it's just too nice not to.
Today is my day to do nothing. And by nothing I mean nothing. I've been reading, watching TV, and spending time on the interwebs. Specificly icanhascheeezburger. The site that has somehow become a community. Later today I'll be doing more nothing and maybe a nice relaxing bath to recover from all that nothing. Tomarrow I'll go run errands. Not today. Of course, it's pretty bad when you realize that you've opted to spend the day watching Harry Potter, for the umpteenth time.
Typing this is getting in the way of my nothing-doing so, ta ta!

--Little Bird is more than ready for spring

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