Thursday, March 13, 2008


This has been an eventful week or so for me. I had a house guest over that I've known since grade school. We're talking 28 years here. We had a blast, breakfasts, beer, roller derby, more beer, sushi, beer again and the phone call from hell. You know the phrase "Into each life a little rain must fall"? Or something like that. Well, I think I now fully understand that. I got an 8:20 a.m. phone call from my stepmother. This woman has not called or willingly spoken to me in 12 years. In a nutshell she wants to stop paying my life insurance and me to take over the payments. AND she wants me to keep her and my father and her as the beneficiaries. Then she talked to me for 2 hours about nothing. I don't like this woman and this woman doesn't like me. She systematicly cut my father off from every woman in his family. His mother, his sisters, and me his daughter. She insulted me several times. She insulted my mother. She patted herself on the back and basicly I wanted to hurl. Then I told her that the last time she recieved a communication from me I meant what I said. That I was tired of being insluted every time she communicated with me. That she had hung up on me everytime I had ever called since I was 21. My childhood friend told me she was proud of me. I think I got caught in a monsoon. I was physically exhausted by the time I got off the phone.

I did find out that I can cash out that insurance package and then I could maybe get a few things out of the way.

--Little Bird is keeping an eye out for lighting at this point

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