Monday, March 17, 2008

Suburban Hell, Retail Style

Ikea is a wonderfull place. That I love. It is unfortunately located in the suburbs. Which I hate. It takes forever to get from one place to another. Even if that other place is only on the other side of eght lanes of traffic. And they have a ridiculously large parking lot.
A couple words of wisdom for those of you contemplating making that trek out to the world of no sidewalks, DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS. The store is huge. No. Really. It's huge. Three floors of inexpensive furniture and stuff. I call it stuff 'cause really, that's all it really is. Also, when you know that you will be shopping in Ikea, eat there and get a beer. You'll need it. Yes, they serve beer. Lastly, bring a limited amount of cash. DO NOT BRING A LOT OF MONEY OR A CREDIT CARD. It's too easy to pick up eight tons of stuff all the while telling yourself "Oh, it's perfect and only $2.99". That stuff adds up. Remember, three floors.
That being said I picked up a few things. On the completely useless side of things, I got a set of lights that are shaped like, yup, little birds. For my aunt I got a few purple kitchen items (she loves purple the way I like orange). I got a few things for my folks but I'm not telling what because she reads this. The set of flatware will come in handy since my old stuff is so old and beat up the spoons are practicaly serrated. And last, but not least, the item that caused the most problems, a giant but shallow underbed drawer. I'm not even sure it'll fit. It is currently at Gingers boyfriends house awaiting transport here. It didn't really fit all that well in Gingers car. And she stayed out in the burbs. I took a Metra train back.
So I'm sitting here enjoying my pretty little birdy lights. And planning my next trip to Ikea, as I priced and got a first hand look at the two furniture items I've been interested in. You got that Mom?

---Little Bird now needs to recover, from the burbs

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