Friday, March 28, 2008

Bad Hair Day

There are good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day. First off, I headed outside to walk to the hair salon (for a haircut) and it was raining. Then, holding onto the handle I swung my umberella to extend it and the functional part of the thing fell off into the mud. And then, when I got to the salon, the guy who cut my hair, butchered it. And now I can only do one thing with it. AND to add insult to injury, I now must use a ton of product to make it do the one thing to it. Otherwise it just looks awful. I guess those were really the only things that happened, but truely, a horrid haircut can ruin your day.
The good news is the hot pink that went into my hair the day before yesterday looks great! It's almost a perfect match for the pink in my orange and pink glasses. And I love it.

Other than that I have no new news. At least nothing that I can share with anyone. Secrets. Aren't they fun?

--Little Bird wants a good day.....soon

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