Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anthropological Fun

I have found out an interesting phenomenon. It's one that I didn't think would ever be applied to me. As you know I dyed my hair pink. Not all of it, just some highlights. That very day I noticed that people didn't want to sit next to me on the bus. Then, then next day a hairstylist flatly ignored my requests and did his own thing. And today, I went shopping. I asked a question, thus drawing attention to myself. The woman who "assisted" me then would not leave, staring at me. She really unnerved me. I still didn't get it. I made my purchases and left. I went to another store where I was litteraly followed by the staff. Again, I made a purchase and left. I stepped outside catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror and it dawned on me. It's because of my hair. These people thought that because I have pink in my hair I must be a shoplifter or somehow an undesireable. I think I know now why I never did this before.

In other news I have reason to be happy. I've been smiling like mad for a few days now. Also, the bar where I work just had the best day ever. We were so busy, we hardly had time to think. And now I know how to make some fantastic Bloody Marys. Just wait 'till I make that bacon vodka, and then they'll utterly awsome Bloody Marys!

--Little Bird is sporting pink plumage

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