Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did


I can breathe again! I was finally able to heave that sigh of relief. That breath I was holding while I waited for this moment to come. We did it. We as a country finally made a group decision that doesn't suck. We elected the right person for the job. We took a giant leap forward. Maybe now the other countries won't point and laugh at us any more. Maybe now, we can begin to get out of this hole we put ourselves in.
I stayed up to watch the goings-on on TV. I cheered for every state that went blue. When they announced the winner, I cried. I was that happy. And that excited. I had to go outside and run a few laps around my building, I was that excited. I can only hope that this is the start of something amazing. And that everyone will recognize it for the change for the better that it is.

--Little Bird is relieved

1 comment:

Grisly Remans said...

You mean for the change that isn't?

A big thank you for putting another d-bag in power.

I snicker at your 'change' and throw pennies at you.