Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, never thought it was time. I never thought he was the "one". Not really at least. And we were so... polite about it. Amicable. No, we didn't actually say the words "let's still be friends", but the intent was there.
And the difference between boys and girls, wow! We react differently to things. I intend to watch a sad movie and cry. Because something has ended. Something that was nice and good. It wasn't meant to last too long, but it was nice while it lasted. He seemed fine with the whole thing. But, for all I know, he's doing the same thing tonight.
It was just nice to feel special for a while.

Bacon Vodka

1 lb bacon
1 750 ml bottle vodka
1 slightly larger bottle

Fry the bacon until crispy. Allow to drain, blotting if needed.
Pour 1/2 the vodka into the larger bottle. Add the bacon to the bottle. Add the remaining vodka, making sure to cover the bacon. Seal the bottle tightly.
Put the bottle in a dark cool place for 4 to 6 weeks.
Strain vodka through a sieve, to catch the bacon.
Strain the vodka again through coffee filters.
And once more through a britta filter. Do not use this filter again for anything.

I recommend bloody marys. Or try a shot of it garnished with a grape tomato that has been wrapped in a bit of lettuce, it's a BLT!

--Little Bird has a sad


Anonymous said...

You should always feel special toots, because you are!

Skwerlly Bob said...


Per your desire, (expressed on FailBlog), to mess up the asshole that hit your friend, see this:


Love Kisses and Hugs, Skwerlly Bob

PS: Sorry to hear about your present state of "aloneness." All things change, even good things.

indian51chief said...

Dear Little Bird,
You are never completely alone. From reading your mind-droppings, I see that you always have wit, humour, & class around!
Avis is a beautiful name.

Felonious Punk said...

Yeah yeah, you'll feel better - but you know that already.

What I didn't know about - BACON VODKA!

I hate vodka - I'm a whiskey person myself - but this may be the only way I've ever heard of to make vodka palatable. Kudos to you! Thank you for making my boring life a little more interesting.

ErickB said...

Hiya Avis! You will always be Velma fantasy :D I know you didn't do the costume this year but I have a good imagination ;)
Anyways I will have to wait til I get back stateside to give the bacon vodka a try but I am going to pass this on to another bacon loving friend. See you, you know where.