Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Colorful Day

Ok, I have seen some strange things in this town, but Sunday's sighting has to be one of the oddest. There are green birds on the lake. At DuSable harbor to be exact. They are a sort of teal-green. They don't really look like sea gulls so I have no idea what the hell they are. I wish I had photos, but my phone does not take the best photos, at least from a distance. But if any one has any ideas on what these birds are or where they came from I would love to know.
I saw them Sunday the 29th. I was on a friends boat, and on the phone with Ginger. I have a habit of stareing off into space while on the phone. If I'm at home I'll look out the window and watch the lake. Well, I was already at the lake so I was watchng the birds. I saw this flash of bluish-green and had ho idea what it was. I looked harder and nudged my friend and pointed it out. Binnoculars were produced and we got a closer look. There were at least eight of them. Some were more green and others were paler. All the pale ones were sitting and looked as if they were nesting. The darker and greener ones were just standing around. I did not see any of them take to the air. Again if anyone has a clue what they are, clue me in too!
Also sighted that day was a great rainbow. It looked like flames where it hit the water. All in all it was a colorful day.
Now, today was not so colorful. Why is it that guys wear speedos? I mean regular guys. Scratch that, I mean guys who aren't competitive swimmers. I saw this guy at the lake front today who looked like the male leadin "My First Mister" plus at least 30 pounds. In a speedo. Not on the beach. Sort of by the chess pavillion. In a camp chair. Ickers. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't kept getting up and uh..... displayng himself. I don't mean exposing himself. he just kept standing up and turning slowly in a circle. Again, ickers. I need to not take my glasses when I go to the park or lake front.

---Lttle Bird has seen some feathered friends

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