Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Of Blood Oranges and Singing the Blues

Wow. So the input has been helpful and I may have planted a seed with my folks as to them purchasing an air purifier. We will have to see. Thank you to everybody who commented with advice.
This past weekend Mama Bird was sick. So this past Sunday dinner was up to me. The chicken was a both a combination of past recipes and a slight departure from them. I had to get a fryer instead of a roaster (smaller bird), and I rubbed it with butter and then sprinkled it with herbes de provence and grains of paradise, and orange pepper. I put onions in and around the bird... and I added a blood orange. Instead of lemon. I turned out great! I also made roasted potatoes sprinkled with the same herbes and the rest. The same green beans as the week before made the menu (because I LOVE them) and that was the meal. Mama Bird particularly liked the potatoes. I know this because she finished mine. My stepfather and I demolished the green beans. The chicken was just tiny. It was good, it was really good! But small.
While I was cooking Mama Bird watched this really cool animated feature on the internet called "Sita Sings The Blues". It's by a woman named Nina Paley (apologies if I've misspelled that). It is amazing! Funny, and sad, and really really well done. Look it up if you get the chance, and make sure you have the time to watch it. It is 82 minutes long, and totally worth the time.
In other news it continues to rain. But it must be at least 50 out there! It's not COLD and wet, it's just ... wet. The bad thing about this is my knee is KILLING me. It feels like there is a spike that is being jammed into the side of my knee. BUT! It's not snowing!! Spring is on it's way! I'm just gonna continue to tell myself this, ignoring the fact that we have at least two more snowfalls due to come. I just pretend that this is not really gonna happen.

--Little Bird is good at pretending


coyote said...

Avis, you mentioned that someday you would like to see Seattle. Get hold of the September issue of Smithsonian. There is an article by a writer who moved here in '76. Describes what it is like here in a very readable manner.

Little Bird said...

Coyote, my stepfather's brother lives there. I think that eventually I'll get up there. But I will look for that Smithsonian! I have a friend headed there in July, to see his "step" family. It seems everyone goes there!

Daniel said...

I remember making a travel brochure for the city of Seattle in high school for a desktop publishing class, and I described it as "The most depressing, miserable, god-forsaken city on earth" in very happy, upbeat lettering. Complete with a number to the suicide hotline in case you were considering a visit.

I think the men in coats were there shortly after that and the rest is a bit of a blur.

Hang in, though, we've had some cold in KY for the past day or two but the end is in sight!

ReBorn Again said...

I saw the post about socks where you were asking about pinks. Here's a link to see lots of pictures (and click on them for information). http://tinyurl.com/da3jl8 Some of them are really nice. And they do smell good. Like cloves and musk.