Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strong Silent Type? Pfffffft!

When I get sick, boy do I get sick. This used to happen to me 4 or 5 times a year. Back when I was in school and in contact with germy kids. This isn't to say I wasn't a germy kid, but when you throw a bunch of germy kids together, someone's (me usually) gonna get sick. As I've gotten older the colds, flus, what have yous are much less frequent. You would think that because I was sick so often then, I would now be the strong, silent stoic type when it comes to being sick. This is sooooo not the case. I whine. I complain. I mope. I ask my mother if she would please please bring soup, cough medicine, Halls, orange juice, soda, tissues and toilet paper over to my place. That being said I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama Bird for bringing over soup, cough medicine, Halls, soda, orange juice, tissues and toilet paper. Thank you Mama Bird, thank you.
I have not stepped out of my apartment since I got home Monday night. I have no idea what the weather is like right now. The most walking I have done has been from the bed to the bathroom, or from the bed to the kitchen. Since Monday night I have eaten part of a can of SpagettiO's and about ten spoons full of chicken noodle soup. I haven't eaten anything at all today. AND I'M NOT HUNGRY. I'm pretty sure I spend more time asleep than I do awake, though I'm not really sure. Today has been the first day that I really played around online for more than half an hour at a time.
After the forum this weekend every little pain I get has me worried. I can't seem to help it. My mind immediately goes to the worst possible scenario. But, in my defense, I haven't been sick like this in a looooong time. And I have NEVER had a cough this bad. EVER.
The good news is the coughing has subsided. However, my nose is still congested, and the headaches have gotten worse. I finally started taking my migraine meds to ease the pain. Mama Bird suggested it, and also suggested I call the pharmacy to see if it was safe to mix with my cough medicine. It's safe, but the pharmacist told me if it doesn't help or if it gets worse to call my doctor. She didn't think my description of the headaches was something to fool around with.
About cold and cough medicine. When did they all go non-drowsy? Why did they all go non-drowsy? Drowsy is good! Drowsy lets you sleep. Sleep lets your body concentrate on fixing the stuff that needs fixing. Besides, when you're sick don't you WANT to sleep? Half of the meds over the counter today actually cause restlessness. Because that's exactly how I want to feel when I'm sick, miserable and acutely AWARE of it. By the way, if this post seems to swoop from topic to topic, I have taken said migraine meds, and they are basically a heavy duty prescription painkiller (i.e. NOT imitrex). So I might get a wee bit loopy. Which really is how I want to feel when I'm sick. I want the pain to go away, I want to not care that I haven't eaten in over 24 hours, I want to sleep for more than three and a half hours at a time. Most of all, I want to FEEL BETTER.

--Little Bird is cooped up


aikiwaza said...

I had a similar cold for the past week. I didn't get it quite as bad as you but my finance did. Her in another state finishing school didn't help. What did was OJ and cranberry juice, lots of rest, and a little sunshine when the weather allowed. If you at the congestion part your near the end. I had the headaches because of congestion, but they went away after a couple of days. Hang in their and hope you get better soon!

-David aka Aiki

Christopher said...

I get sick maybe once every 3 years, and I am such a big baby about it, so I can't say anything. But when all else fails, I recommend a good case of snuggles. And Nyquil (not dayquil).

Judy said...

Oh! Poor sweetie! I think all your activity and emotional state last weekend had you primed and ready for this. I'm glad you're getting better now. Just keep up the liquids to get rid of the cough!
Failblog Judy

coyote said...


Little Bird said...

Coyote, I have been in bed for 4 days now! And asleep for most of that time. For that matter I'm in bed right this very moment.
But, thanks! I appreciate the concern.