Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night I was trying to think of a topic to write about for today. And I had a fantastic idea. Right before I fell asleep. No, of course I don't remember what it was. That would be silly. And unlikely to boot. So I'll just muddle on here, and see what I can come up with.
My trip to St. Louis is coming up, and the weather just keeps getting worse. I hope it's at least DRY this year. Rain would put a damper on things (no pun intended).
This weekend I am making a birthday dish for Mama Bird (birthday was while she was out of town) and I haven't a clue how to make it. It's that dish she had at that restaurant in Taos. The dish is Chiles en Nogado. I've found several recipes for it on-line but every time I tell her about them she says it's not the right thing. That hers was breaded. So this ought to be an interesting experience. I think the yelling in the kitchen is all part of the cooking experience anyway. It's cathartic. At least that's what I'm going to tell my step-father the next time he complains about our yelling.
Thanks to everybody for the container ideas for traveling with spices! I'll figure something out, I have some time left. I did realize that I need at least two containers by Thanksgiving, when Mama Bird and I go to New Harmony. For those that don't know, New Harmony is a tiny little town that has a lot of history to it. We like the quiet. And the quaint, antique-y feel the place has. We're getting a "cottage" this time (we haven't been in YEARS) so we can cook our own meals. The real plus side is the place has a fireplace. We get to sit in front of the fire and stare at it. While that might not sound like fun to everyone, for a couple of city-bound nerdy types, it's absolutely heaven. When we go to New Mexico, we stare at the fire there too. It's like taking a step back, and getting away from all the hustle and bustle. Stopping and taking a breath. Meditating. The fire is like a focus. It's always changing, but always the same.

--Little Bird takes a breath


Mama Bird said...

always different but always the same like the ocean and the desert.

SaffronButterfly said...

I had a friend who used her heat-sealer doohickie (technical term) to seal her spices. She ended up with these long, narrow, airtight tubes of laminated spices. They looked like Otter Pops, but were totally convenient. She'd just snip off the end, and away she'd spice!

Little Bird said...

I really REALLY want one of those doohickies!! It would mean fewer plastic containers in the drawer in my kitchen!!
Maybe I need to start a list of all the gadgetry and miscellaneous kitchen stuff I need/want.

Anonymous said...

Mark: "Do you think this is a little bit cathartic for you?"
Mike: "Very cathartic, Mark."
Mark: "Do you know what cathartic means?"
Mike: "No."

Little Bird said...

It's pronounced coven like oven, not coe-ven.