Thursday, December 10, 2009

What To Pack

Once again I am preparing for a trip to New Mexico. This year we'll be staying in a different place, one I've never been to before. And, once again, I'll be taking the train there. This is the 21 hour trip. Not the 27 hour one that always seems to turn into a 32 hour trip. Still, this trip requires some advance planning. Not just the usual packing stuff either. See, 21 hours on a train is a bit of a long time. And I leave right before Christmas. The train? It will be PACKED. Chances are they will somehow mysteriously over-book*.
So, what to bring on a packed to the gills train? Books. At least two and of different genres, because I will get bored with one of them at some point. My cross stitch stuff, the small hoop and maybe a pattern. Music, this year I have to use the personal CD player as both iPods are out of commission. The travel Scrabble game. Food. And basic amenities. These include wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a bitty bottle of Febreeze (try it once, you'll never travel without it again), a toiletry kit (remember, this is 21 hours I'm talking here), and slippers. I haven't decided if I'll bring the blanket and pillow, they take up precious space, but then they are really helpful once sleep is needed.
The food situation is still up in the air. I don't really know what to pack this time. Other than soda and beer. Propel packets are good, small and easy to pack, the water bottle is also a good thing since there are water fountains in each car, thus being free. Now, for actual food? I'm kind of at a loss. I might just pack a few Lunchables. That's what Rooster and I got on the way back home from St. Louis.
I'm open to suggestions.
* When a train over books, no one gets bumped off the train. Not even the extra person, assuming of course that they only over booked by two or three people. They just seat those extra folks in the observation/snack car until a few seats open up. That's kind of the cool thing about the train. All those stops, picking up and dropping off all kinds of different people. You never really know what kind of person is going to end up sitting next to you. Sometimes it's a great person (the trip back from Colorado on year was particularly nice). Sometimes it's a harridan (the trip back from New Mexico once was unbelievably awful). For some reason, I love to travel by train. I may be a glutton for punishment.

--Little Bird is getting prepared


Anonymous said...

Suggestions for food...peanut butter crackers, granola/power bars, trailmix, apples, string cheese. You also might want to pack a eye mask and invest in a neck pillow. Good luck and safe travels!

Little Bird said...

I have a neoprene eye mask that I use at home, it comes with me when I travel. I tried the neck pillow thing and found it to be monstrously uncomfortable.
The peanut butter crackers and fruit sound good, I planned on bringing baby bells, but the granola bars and trail mix are soooo not gonna happen!

Zhoen said...

Sounds wonderful. We love traveling by train as well.

Baby carrots keep well, and are neither salty nor sugary, which much travel food is.