Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry about the prolonged absence. There has been all kinds of stuff going on. And some of it just couldn't be bandied about on the interwebs at the time.
First Rooster and I broke up. We later got back together and things are now better than ever!!!
Then I started a new medication. Which I was able to get at Target for $4!!! No more paying $94 a month for meds!
But! That new medication? Has some... interesting side effects. One of them is drowsiness. And today my dosage doubled (the doctor wanted to sort of "stair-step" me to the "right" dosage). So even though I'm practically mainlining caffeine, I still could sleep for a day or three.
Closets have been cleaned.
Dinner with the folks AND Rooster has been had. (Everyone survived)
More on some of these topics later. I think I need a nap.

--Little Bird has not fallen off the face of the planet


Ms B ♥ said...

Yay for less expensive meds!
Boo for constant drowsiness!
I hope this gets better as things go along. In the meantime, just hook up the caffeine to an I.V. I'm sure that'll help!

Coyote said...


Little Bird said...

Oh, it still makes sense!

DeepInTheHeart (jenni) said...

Life is full of trade-offs. I'm sorry I'm not a gazillionaire or I'd totally make sure you had the bestie-best-best meds ever! Hopefully the drowsiness is one of those symptoms that subside with treatment?
Please be careful while you get used to taking them. Hugs!
Chicken soup? *offers*