Sunday, October 24, 2010


The newest things to report: A heart healthy cooking program, My folks finally get a decent TV, and I start yet another new medicine.
Okay, first things first. My step-father is battling high cholesterol so he wanted some healthy foods for dinners. And he doesn't want it to cost an arm and a leg. My folks had been buying stuff from the prepared foods section of Whole Foods, and that was pretty pricey. So I spent a day or two searching the internet looking for tasty sounding/looking recipes for him. I found around 30. I already had 10, so I think he's set for the next month. Seriously, I could cook one different thing every day and not repeat for well over a month (Sundays I get to be a little less strict about the menu). This ought to be interesting. I figure that by the end of winter, I'll be very very good when it comes to cooking vegetables. Very good. Due to practice alone.

The TV. For years my parents have been making do with a giant obsolete tube tv. The picture was fuzzy. The sound was awful. So they bought a new one. A flat screen! AND a blu-ray player!!! The picture is amazing. The SOUND is incredible. A few months ago my step-father accidentally purchased a few blu-ray disks (he didn't realize that they wouldn't play on the DVD player), so we popped one of those in to see the picture quality. One of the things that a person might never really want to see in the clearest possible picture is an extreme close up of Keith Richards' face. I'm just sayin'.

The pills. Tomorrow I start a generic version of Prozac. Budeprion has been relatively kind to me, but it costs over $100 a month and I don't have insurance to help with it. This new medicine is under $20 a month. The citalopram was less than $5, but the side effects were unacceptable. I read the side effects listed for this new pill, and they aren't all that great either, but they are also not evident in EVERY patient. Of course, they weren't for the last one either, but hey, I'll try it. If it helps, and doesn't cause painful or embarrassing side effects, I'll stick with it.

---Little Bird will be cooking up a storm!

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