Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Post

Things have been a'changin. First of all, once again, sorry for the prolonged absence. I got a wee bit busy. Mostly outside. Walking. Until I hurt myself that is. But I lost nearly forty pounds doing it. The walking, not the hurting.
Also? I am moving!!! To New Mexico!!!! This year!!! In July, but the purging of crap I don't need starts now. So all my STL friends should consider visiting soon.
Also also? It's my birthday! And it snowed! Thirty seven is the same age Mama Bird was when she made some big changes in her life. I have always thought that by the time I reached this age I'd know more about where I want to be in life. All I know is that there ARE big changes coming. The move, more weight loss, and a wedding to officiate. Maybe I'll find my purpose in New Mexico.
Stealing an idea from another blogger, resolutions. Specifically one word resolutions. Mine is Prioritze. What's yours?

------ Little Bird is flying south.

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Lotharyx said...

I stumbled here from your comments on fails. Sounds like quite a move! I'm moving too, this week, into a house I just bought.

Also, losing forty pounds is fantastic. Go you!