Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tired, oh so tired.

I have been busy these past few weeks. I mean running around, and sleeping like a rock tired.
First, I left my cell phone in a cab. I thought I had left it at home, so when the (slightly creepy) cabbie asked if I wanted him to call it (to hear it ring if it was in the cab) I said no. Lesson learned? Answer that question with a yes. I called my phone when I got home and the cabbie answered. He said he would call me back in half an hour when he got done with a fare. He then turned my phone off and never called or showed up. I got a new phone the next day. Then new one has a camera. So pictures will be forthcoming. Eventually.
Second, the bar had a phenomenal Saturday night. Two birthday parties AND a post wedding reseption party came in. From 10pm untill 3am we were packed. I had to go tell people they had to leave. At closing that is. We had to kick out no less than five drunks during the course of the night. It had been absolutly dead untill 10, maybe six people over the course of four hours. So at least we were rested when they all came pouring in. I slept well when I got home.
Third, I got the presents for my fathers side of the family MOSTLY done. All I need is ribbon, and to finish my grandfathers gift. My aunts and uncles are all getting pretty much the same thing. There is a difference, I just can't say what. I got my cousin and his wife the same thing I got his parents, again with a difference. I know some of them read this, so I can't say just what it is. But it feels awsome to have as much done as I do.
My step-fathers gifts are soooo much easier. Black. Last year I got him black toilet paper. Among other stuff. This year it's black ear swabs (think q-tips), black handkerchiefs, a black shower pouf, and black licorice. Next year is gonna be difficult. I may have exhausted the range of novelty black items. Hats, socks, gloves, and other such items are not really an option, he has expensive taste. Maybe black PJs.
Now I just have to finish my mom's gift, and get something for Ginger, and my bff in St. Louis and her husband. Ideas? Anyone?

--Little Bird is prepared for once.

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