Monday, February 9, 2009


The unseasonable warm weather has wrought a change. Mama Bird would say it's a good change. I just think it's weird. I'm organizing. My closets, under the sinks, and other random parts of the apartment.
I made a list of the areas in my place that need attention. I should probably mention that I am a compulsive list maker. I made a list of the things I will need to facilitate said organization. I made still another list that compiled the two and have been checking off and marking the date of the things that get done.
For instance today I : cleared out the one shelf in the hall closet that was full of old terra cotta plant pots (from a failed herb garden attempt) and other detritus. I installed some small hooks in that same closet to hang my canvas shopping bags (yes I really use them). I installed another hook in same closet to hold the duster and the measuring tape. In the other closet I used the last two hooks so the coolers could be hung up and out of the way. I also cleared out a bunch of crap from under the bathroom sink and from under the kitchen sink. AND I cleared out a lot of the useless or out of date stuff from my medicine cabinet.
Both hall closets now look pretty damned good right now. They both could use a bit more work, one needs some stacking bins, and the other has stuff in it that I can't mess with (it's not mine).
I have never been an organized person. It's just not been my nature. There were very few things I kept organized. My knives and my... um... well, I guess that's ALL I ever kept organized. I am finding it is easier to be organized with the proper equipment. Hooks, bins, boxes. Stuff like that. My goal is to get the big stuff organized. Then start organizing the little stuff. Big stuff like shoes, and books and art supplies in general. Small stuff like separating and storing embroidery floss for cross stitch projects. Bookcases would go a long way in the grand scheme of things, but they may have to wait a bit.
In all of this organizing I have been tossing ridiculous crap that I have for some reason saved. The last five drops of a particular body wash, the empty bandaid wrappers that never made it to the trash. The hair color that didn't work from when I had the hot pink hair in the back. The hair color that did work, but I no longer have long or pink hair. The shoes Mama Bird gave me when she decided she didn't want them. My feet are smaller. Bags and bags of paper trash. Old lists. Old musings. Books that I have read until they are literally falling apart.
I figure it will be July before I am really close to done. Done done, not getting there. But clothing thinned out, shoes organized, cross stitch stuff organized, small stuff too. Though I probably won't have those shelves yet. I MIGHT have additional display shelves for the salt and pepper collection though.
No recipe today, though I did make toffee bars with Mama Bird yesterday. That recipe is from the Betty Crocker cook book.

--Little Bird is cleaning nest.

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coyote said...

Glad to hear that things are warming up for you. Last week it was like spring here. At this moment it is snowing big fat flakes that are burying everything.

Still working on that soup recipe for you.