Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Organizing

Still organizing. I have decided to think about it as if I am moving. And thin out the crap accordingly. It's still gonna take time. A lot of time. And several trips to the Container Store. I think a trip to Ikea will be necessary too. Relax Mama Bird, I won't need to go there for another four or five months.
Some years ago Mama Bird and I took the Metra Train to Shaumburg to go to Ikea. HUGE mistake. The train stop is nowhere near the store. And, being way the hell out in the 'burbs, there were no taxis. Did I mention it was cold? No? It was. We eventually got a taxi (we called one) and spent something like $20 to have him drive us in circles before he took us where we wanted to go. When we finally got to the store, Mama Bird, who doesn't like to shop in the first place, had VERY little patience left. We ate, I got the comforter I was looking for, and we left. We may have poked around the kitchen department too. We took yet another taxi (this one didn't make a bunch of unnecessary circles) back to the train stop and then took the train back into town. This is why it will be difficult at best to get her to agree to go. Even if I offer to buy shower curtain liners (plural) for her.
But this is all months away. In the meantime I'll just go to the Container Store. Again.

--Little Bird is planning


Daniel said...

God love cab drivers. One of those things where you'd expect someone that decides on that as a job would know the, um, roads. I've had a few experiences similar to yours.

I also recommend the much cheaper and more delicious Piekea.

Love you little bird. <3

John Charles Palazzo said...

I've been following you for ages, now I am a blogger too and so we can finally meet ! I think I found you completely by accident on the Fail blog. I've stumbled onto many blogs but I swear you are the only random stumble I keep coming back too.

keep organising dear it's good fun. and give me some more recipes.

coyote said...

Organizing your house? I can't even get around to organizing the bookmarks on my browser.