Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tchaikovsky in the Park

Tonight I went to Millennium Park for the season opening of the Music Festival. Tchaikovsky. Beautiful music. I went to Trader Joe's and got the fixings for a nice picnic. Tzatziki, hummus, pita chips, kalamata olives and wine. I packed my mini cooler and my roll-up table and my beach chair. Thankfully I also brought my picnic blanket which I used to keep my legs warm as it ended up being quite chilly. I went by myself, and was all set to enjoy a nice evening of good food and better music. Alas, no one told the tools who sat near me that some people go to these things to ENJOY THE FUCKING MUSIC. They were loud. They were obnoxious. They were REALLY obnoxious. Then when they were leaving (early, much to the delight of those around them- several people got up and moved away from them), one of them kicked a volley ball. Hard. Straight at my head. It was surreal. I saw him pick up the ball. I saw him kick the ball. I saw the ball hurtling towards me. I managed to get my hand up and block it. I was told by those around me that they were amazed I managed to do so. The wife of the kicker said, and I quote, "nice block." After nattering on about how they just like to enjoy themselves she did say something to the effect of "sorry about that". My response? "Well, thank you for that." In the most insincere voice I could possibly muster. What if I hadn't been looking in that direction? What if my back was turned?
And see? The part about this that truly pisses me off isn't that I narrowly avoided a volley ball to the head. No. It's that I spent 2+ hours at the park all set to enjoy the music in a wonderful outdoor setting and all I can think about is how wretched these people were! Did I mention they were old enough to be my parents? I almost cheered when they left.
I am hoping that this weekend, when I go back to the park for the NEXT concert in the season, it is less irksome.
The music WAS beautiful. What I heard of it anyway. The opening piece was Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Op.23. I recognized it, and had never known the composer. I think I actually teared up a time or two, the music was that beautiful. I know, I'm a sap. I've come to terms with that.
Also, I saw something I wouldn't have expect to ever see. A woman walking down the street, BOTH of her feet in casts. The kind you can take on and off as you need to. It was... odd to say the least.

--- Little Bird can block, well, apparently


SaffronButterfly said...

Sorry to hear your concert was pretty much ruined! I don't get why people go to cultural events if they have no interest in culture. :(

Next time, you should also pack a squirt gun filled with Scope or vinegar. One of those "noisy cricket" style super-soakers. Palm-sized, easily hid, ya know?

I'm thinking, if squirt guns filled with water work to train cats, a squirt gun filled with Scope should DEFINITELY work on people! :)

Little Bird said...

My GOD that's a fantastic idea! I think I would try it with vinegar. White vinegar, the cheap stuff. Of course, if I DO attempt this I will end up being escorted off the grounds because the idiots will complain to security. Though, if the offenders are bad enough the people nearby, who might have seen it happen might decide they DIDN'T see it happen.
It was opening night, I'm sure security will get a better handle on this type of thing as the season progresses.

Anonymous said...

If it had been me, I'd have sliced a big hole in the ball, given it back and said, "Oh, sorry".

Chris said...

I would have kicked the ball right into the next river or lake, (Back in their faces would probably only lead to being escorted out there yourself). Somewhere they would have to search for it, if they want it back.
With this kind of short reaction times, you sould consider changing your sport priorities from walking/cycling to ball games :)

Little Bird said...

I was in the middle of the lawn in front of an amphitheater. If I could have made the ball disappear, I would have.
And as for sports, I pretty much hate them. The decent reaction time keeps me from mowing down the toddlers that dart across the bike path!

Chris said...

The evergreen "Avoid sudden obstacles on you bike path", like toddlers, their parents, opening doors on cars parked on the bike path, dogs, their owners and many many more. More challenging than Paperboy on double speed and Tetris on the fastest level. Best played in big cities where cyclists are not so common. See walkers ignoring your warning bell and balk at you when driving by for not using the warning bell first hand.

I could go on like this for a long time -g-.

Little Bird said...

Don't forget the Mommy Brigade! Armed with there $750+ behemoth strollers, walking 3 abreast. That REFUSE to move over at all, even when it means the cyclist is going to end up in Lake Michigan. On the rocks.

SaffronButterfly said...

Maybe you should mount lances on the front of your bike


Little Bird said...

Saffron Butterfly! I like that idea! But I'm thinking of tweaking it to some kind of crossbow like thing!