Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blister Woes & Fungus Among Us

OK, first things first. The nail thing? Not cancer. Might, MIGHT be a tumor. A very very specialized type that has a name that is 18 syllables long and that I couldn't begin to say, let alone spell. This type of tumor is associated with Neurofibromatosis. Apparently. I was prescribed an anti-fungal/cortisone cream for now. And have to wear a cotton glove, the cream and Vaseline on that hand/finger for about ten days. Goody. If, in two months there is no change (or there is a bad change), we figure something else out. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
The doctor was very nice, and actually seemed to listen to what I told him. Something that isn't always known in a doctor. I happen to have a zit or two right now and he didn't comment once on them. Brownie points to him! He did ask me if I had any skin issues to report or ask him about. And when I said that I didn't, he didn't even blink. Everyone gets a zit now and then. Nothing new about that.
Now. The other portion of todays post. The blisters. Those shoes I bought? They came in the mail yesterday. Being me, I had to put them on and go for a walk. A two mile walk. Think about that a moment. New - BRAND NEW- shoes + two mile walk = MASSIVE BLISTERS. I cannot wear any shoes that have any sort of back on them. I had to cut up my crocs (the strap off the back) in order to make it to my doctors appointment. I do not like to wear those "shoes" outside of the house. For reasons you can understand, I hope. So. I had to go buy burn pads, these wonderful soothing pads designed for burns, scrapes and bites. You know, areas that are missing skin. These are made by 2nd Skin and I love them. I use one for both ankles (cut in half) and then slap a huge band-aid over that. I can hobble around with this set-up.
Of COURSE this would all be the day before my bestest friend comes into town! This would never happen when I have no plans. I will have to venture out into the streets and BARS of Chicago in my screaming bright orange crocs. Can I tell you how much I am not liking my footwear options for this week?
The shoes will not be worn until there is once again skin on the backs of my ankles/heels. I may ask the dry-cleaner in my building (who knows a shoe repair guy) to see what can be done. I think the ankle support area is just really stiff. I am considering taking a few whacks at them with a hammer. To sort of "distress" the "leather". Mama Bird may have issues with that idea. We'll see.

--Little Bird WISHES she could fly!


Anonymous said...

No issues here, do whatever you need to do to get the shoes wearable. You know me I've cut slits in shoes/boots to make them more comfortable. I mean if you can't wear them you might as well throw them away. So before you do that bang on them, cut them, whatever it takes.

Mama Bird

Little Bird said...

Jeez, you were up late!
Or early depending on when the sleep actually occurred.
I can almost wear normal shoes again, so that's good. Right?

Chris said...

Glad to hear the nail isn't something worse. How was your friends visit and how fared those orange crocs in bar visiting ?