Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

And the walking continues. To the point where I am tired most of the time. And it is likely to get worse. I just purchased (via e-bay) a pair of MBT's. MBT's are weird looking walking shoes that have nearly completely rounded soles. They are supposed to work nearly all your leg muscles AND your core muscles. I tried a couple pair on at a store in town and they feel odd. They're not the most attractive shoes around, but if they work the way they're supposed to, they'll be worth the $170 I paid for them.
Plans are in the works for my step-father's birthday dinner. I'll post the recipe after, assuming it turns out the way we want it to. Gifts have been purchased and wrapped. On top of all this a good friend from St. Louis is coming into town in the middle of next week. AND the concerts will start next week at Millennium Park. At least the ones I want to go to will. This means that picnic season is upon us.
I really don't have much new to report. I get up, I walk, I come home and eat something, I go either walk some more or ride my bike, I come home and relax for a bit, then I go walk some more. I'm averaging about 6 miles a day right now. With those shoes that are due to come in the mail soon, it'll be even MORE effective. I figure by the end of July, I'd better have fabulous legs!

--Little Bird is gonna walk all over town

P.S. I'll post a recipe soon, really I will.

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