Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I don't even know where to begin. Ok, I had house guests this past weekend. Girls/women I've known since KINDERGARTEN! Thirty years! One of them had visited me before, the other had not. So I spent some time trying to come up with things to do. Things to do that do not cost much, since we're all of us on budgets. So we went to the Zoo. In the rain. On our way to the Zoo we encountered one of the many slightly off citizens. She yelled at us as if we had been following her for hours, telling us we were "so stupid". Needless to say we cracked up. At the Zoo we didn't stay long and made some sea gulls nervous.
I took them to the conservatory. We wandered around there, our glasses fogged up and we smelled an orchid that smelled like coconuts. We walked home. In the rain.*
We stayed in that night, I cooked. We just sorta hung out. It was nice, we got all caught up with the gossip and whatnot.
Friday started out tame. Really it did. We walked around some more, I pointed out the old Playboy mansion, we went to the Spice House. That evening, we went out. To 3 bars and one of the friends brothers house. I got to bed at about 6 am. At one point, near the end of the night, we took the Red Line. And my friends got to experience another of our strange citizens. The guy tried to sit on one of the girls, was asked to move, then tried to stare down the brother, and when he was told to find another spot, he started whimpering and sniffling like a 5 year old. He moved though and nearly every one near us started to giggle.
Later that night, back at the apartment it was learned that if you can't get in to the container holding more alcohol, you probably don't need it. And you shouldn't ask someone who DOES know how to open to do it, because they will. I opened a bottle of wine that we didn't need to and thankfully a large portion of it was found in the fridge in the morning.
The morning was a highly unpleasant experience. As was the rest of the day. We didn't go out. We didn't drink. We barely ate. We turned in early.
Sunday was spent being lazy. We got out of the apartment this time though. We went to the beach and did nothing but sit there for an hour or two. We walked down to Millennium Park and stopped in souvenir shops.
We went to Chinatown yesterday, and they left last night. We had a few drinks before they left and the folks at that bar ROCK! They knew me, it's right around the corner from my place and they not only bought us a round, they comped all of my drinks!

*It wasn't a pouring rain, more of a drizzle/misting of rain, we weren't completely soaked when we got back, just from the knees down.

--Little Bird feels taxidermied


Chris said...

Sounds like a real fun weekend you had there :) (except for the too much booze part I presume).
Been reading your blog for approx. half a year and I really like it. Last week, I read everything from the beginning and liked it even more :)
Fun to read, not that serious most of the time. Great work.

Little Bird said...

Thank you! I try not to be too serious, but at the same time not pull any punches.
But again, thank you!

sauerkraut said...

... you coulda found a creek to jump over, or a maze to do (maybe even with real corn)...

Little Bird said...

@ sauerkraut: In Chicago? INSIDE the city? Where?