Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seventeen Miles to Ravioli

The walking. THE WALKING! Damn, am I tired from all the walking! NINE miles yesterday and eight today. And any benefit from either day ruined by tonight's dinner. We MADE ravioli. It was only a matter of time before we progressed from linguini style noodles to something more advanced. These were stuffed with ricotta and basil. We served them with a cream sauce and added tomatoes orange peppers and chives to the sauce. I am now very full and disinclined to move much.
We haven't started the canning yet, but really, there isn't much available at the farmers markets TO can this early in the season. But I am more than ready to attempt to use that giant pot. It's 21 quarts!! My biggest stock pot is 5 quarts, and looks like an infant next to this behemoth.
The warmer seasons are upon us, and in about two weeks the fireworks start. Literally. Every Wednesday and Saturday over Navy Pier. I'm just waiting for the concerts at Millennium Park to start, I have a bunch of ideas for new dishes to try out. And those dishes are best enjoyed at picnics. One of these dishes will have me venturing into Greektown to find decent pita bread. Another will have me making my own crackers. Yes, the transformation into Martha is nearly complete. I think the transformation will be total sometime after I move to New Mexico, which will be in a few years or so. I refuse to wear pale blue oxford shirts with khakis though.
My bed is looking very comfortable right now, and my stomach is very full, so I think it's time for bed. Or at least time to sit and rot my brain with lots and lots of bad TV.

--Little Bird is too full to leave her nest right now.


Chris said...

Two days work of walking ruined by one meal ? Come on, thats not true and you know it -g-
I had to look up how many litres are 21 quarts, thats really huge. Looks like you are going to feed a whole company of people from it.

Little Bird said...

The pot has to be big enough to hold the jars that are used in canning. I'm not really sure why we call it canning when we are putting stuff in jars. But I intend to put up enough tomatoes to get me through next winter without having to buy them. Same thing with peppers, pickles preserves.