Sunday, November 22, 2009


My computer conspires against me. That weird little last post? Wasn't supposed to post like that. It was a draft. One that I had to save and abandon the computer so my step-father could get on-line. I've been having computer problems lately. A sick, twisted part of me hopes he has too. If he has, maybe we can get the damned thing FIXED!
So yes, the stitches come out Monday (tomorrow) and Mama Bird and I go to southern Indiana for Thanksgiving later in the week.

We are bringing food to a dinner we have been invited to. Two sides and a desert. Mashed sweet potatoes (recipe from last year about this time) and Walnut green beans (recipe also somewhere on here) and pumpkin cheese cake. That last recipe is from the comment section of "I Was On A Boat Y'all" , a relatively recent post of mine. The recipe is from a FailBlog friend, and looks fantastic!
The trip to New Harmony looks to be pleasant. Nice and quiet. We're bringing all the food we need as we rented a cottage and it has a full kitchen. The part I'm looking forward to is the fireplace. Reading and playing Scrabble. And maybe some cross-stitch work.
I'm working on getting everyone's Christmas gifts in order. This is not exactly an easy undertaking. I've got Rooster's figured out (I won't list them as he reads this site) and my step-father's gifts are also figured out. Mama Bird's are not yet decided and the crazy family is getting nuts. Spicy roasted nuts. I figure it's appropriate. There are a few other friends to buy for, but for the most part, I've got their gifts all worked out.
Other than that, I have nothing to report.

--Little Bird tries to work with her computer


coyote said...

You talk about "fixed" and then go to "stitches". Sounds like something from i has a hot dog.

Glad it worked out. Did the surgeon have any cutting remarks? :)

Enjoy the holiday.

coyote said...

I came across this quote in my collection.

I don't even butter my bread. I consider that cooking. -- Katherine Cebrian

Thought that you might like it. I feel that way myself some days.

coyote yet again said...

Question: How do you prepare your turkey neck? Doesn't sound quite right. When you cook a turkey neck, what is the procedure that you use? Wordy, but sounds less like an insult.

Little Bird said...

I didn't have to cook (much) this year, so no preparing turkeys (or their necks) for me!!
But I think I roasted it along with the bird (maybe inside it) and then transferred it to to the stock for the gravy, while the bird "sat" after being removed from the oven. After the pan drippings were added, the neck was discarded, and the flour went in. I think I remember also putting in some hard cider. Possibly too much of it, but it was tasty!
I didn't put the dressing IN the bird, as that can be unsafe.

coyote, chef of turkey necks said...

YOU DISCARDED THE NECK?! *considers going Gibbs, but gives into passive nature*

How to cook a turkey neck:
1)Start first thing in the morning.
2)Cover neck and parsons nose with enough stock to cover.
3)Mince carrot, onion and celery.
4)Add to stock.
5)Bring to boil.
6)Reduce heat to low and cover pot.
7)Go brush teeth etc.
8)About an hour before dinner remove from stock and place on foil. Should be fall apart tender.
9)Put a slice of bacon on neck and tail.
10)Wrap up in the foil.
11)Put in 350 deg. oven for about an hour.
12)Remove from oven and enjoy.

There. Now never let me hear of you committing such sacrilege again!

Little Bird said...

That would be discarded AFTER it gets boiled down to nothing but bones in the stock, for the gravy.
But I like the idea of using it with bacon.
Of course, I might just like the idea of bacon!