Monday, January 10, 2011

Material Girl

The diet begins today.
Basically all I'm doing is NOT drinking beer during the week. And walking some more. And eating salads and a few sandwiches instead of pastas and meat-heavy meals.
Okay, I suppose that does sound like SOMETHING after all.
This came about after showing Mama Bird the pictures from New Years (actual paper copies, no digital ones just yet, so I can't show you). Next to Whirly Bird you can tell that Little Bird ain't so little these days. But, that is something I can fix. Also in the pictures I look positively Amish in comparison to my friends. I seriously need to re-think the turtle neck sweater as a "fancy dress" item.
In lighter news Mama Bird, her husband and I went out to eat on Friday to celebrate my birthday. SUSHI!!!! It was wonderful! The next day we went to CostCo and I bought myself a TV and an iPod dock/clock with some of the Christmas and Birthday money I received. Yay for being able to read the channel menu now! The next day Mama Bird and I went to Old Navy. Ostensibly for some camisoles for her. I figured I would check out the jeans for me, and MAYBE I would get some. I found my size, my style and my color immediately. The reason why I did not let go of the jeans even for a second while we traipsed about the store? The tag read 97 cents. That's right. The jeans were 97 cents. We thought it had to have been wrong, but I was sooooo going to try to get them for 97 cents. When we got to the register (Mama Bird could not find her camis) I pointed it out to the girl and she said that it was actually the right price, and omigod was I so lucky. AND they were 40% off!! I got a pair (the only one in the store at that price) for 58 cents. 58 cents!!!!!!
We went back and scoured the shelves for more priced the same, but there weren't any. I did also get a shirt that came to less than $5. A whole outfit for under $6. I should have bought a lottery ticket.
Recipes will be making a comeback here, in a few days or so. I need to look up some good ones to share.

--Little Bird is trying to live up to the name.


coyote INFJ said...

What's wrong with turtle necks? *says turtle neck boy*

Chris said...

Soo, how were your first 12 days dieting ?

Julya said...

$0,58 ??? That's like..40 eurocent! Not even 4 rupees!
Not even outlandish prices, that's outearthish prices!

I will try to find some recipes for you, but with the preferences of your family and requirements of the people it's getting about sandwiches with..erm...butter?

coyoteINFJ said...

You could always eat what the 2000 year old man did. Clouds, stars, rocks, cool mountain water and a stuffed cabbage.