Saturday, January 1, 2011

Red, Red Wine

Happy New Year Everyone! All four of you that read this. I hope a good time was had by all!

So yesterday was interesting. I woke up to tornado sirens in St. Louis. Where I am visiting my bestie, Whirly Bird. We spent a fair amount of the noonish part of the day cowering in the basement. It was 65 degrees. On December 31. Tornadoes in December are just plain wrong! And while there was no damage to Whirly Bird's house or even her neighborhood, there were several tornado touchdowns not too terribly far away. Of course, five MILES away is far too close for my comfort zone.

While we were sitting in the basement we decided that this summer I'm coming back to help her clean her basement and set up a "Preparedness Corner". Cooler, comfortable seating, first aid kit, that sort of stuff. If you have to be in the basement, it doesn't have to be uncomfortable!

Once the weather died down we got ourselves calmed down and ran the few errands we needed to to get ready for the evening. I'll go ahead and tell you, there was dancing last night. So that should tell you how I feel today.
We went to a bar/restaurant that specializes in vodka, burgers and sushi. It is not as gross as it sounds, and no, I did not partake of the vodka. If I had, I would have been down for the count by ten PM. I had wine. Red wine. So that should give you a hint of what the evening was like. Despite the hangover, I had a great time.

So now we recover from last night and prepare for tomorrow night. My birthday. And Whirly Bird's is a few days after that, so we are having a joint party tomorrow. I hope I survive it.

--Little Bird's liver is crying

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Chris said...

Happy Birthday Avis :)

Sounds like a great New Years Eve party you and Whirley Bird had.
Don't forget the vodka for your birthday and remind WB to take pictures of you -g-