Thursday, May 10, 2007


Have you ever had one of those moments (hours) where you just sat and listened to music? Where the music just seems to transport you? There are only a few "albums" that do that for me. Robert Miles' "Dreamland" is one of those. I don't really know what it is about it but it just makes me feel like everything is ok. It's kinda trancy, almost like it could make you feel "chemically altered" without the chemicals. I don't know if it was the artists intent but I feel... hope when I listen to it. And peaceful. Sometimes I'll listen to it with the sound low, and fall asleep to it. I always have amazing dreams when I do that.
Enya's "Watermark" is another one of those "albums" that takes me away. There are only so many that can do that. Most of the music that I have purchased does fall into that catagory, but then, I only buy what I really really like. I have (like so many people I know) different music for different moods. Dreamland and Watermark for introspection. The Wall and other Pink Floyd for nostalgia*. Guns n' Roses and other hair-bands for a different type of nostalgia. I am a child of the 80's after all. If I were to meditate for real, it would be to music. I hate overly loud music, which is why I haven't been to many concerts, but also prefer it to be perfectly audible. I know, picky. The only types of music I loathe are gangsta rap and new country. Oh, and recent boy-bands. I can tolerate hip-hop, and top-40 (that would be recent top-40) but prefer my own weird choices. Pink Floyd, Robert Miles, Enya, Eagles (I never claimed to be consistant) Indigo Girls, and Massive Attack. All of it in one way or another takes me somewhere. Be it back in time (in my head, people) or deep in thought, music is a pancea of sorts. It soothes, or invigorates. It alters the listener.

* I was friends with pot-heads when I was younger, this is what rubbed off on me. Pretty good when you consider the habits I COULD have picked up.

P.S. I put the word albums in quotation marks only 'cause when I think of albums I think of great big vinyl records, not CD's and therefore albums are physical items, not the concepts they really are. My own brand of logic for you. And no, I am not truely old enough to remember LP's.

--Little Bird is headed for Dreamland

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