Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On the phone and in my apartment

I am currently in the middle of arguements with my cable provider. Not that surprising is it? Especially considering the fact that Comcast is my provider. About a month ago I had a techncian in to fix my reception. He did, and he broke ny orange buddha head. The buddha head was about 5 feet away from the tv do there is no reason it should have happened. So I called in a damage complaint. Then I needed to have a digital converter box installed. Then they sent me the wrong box and sent someone to fix my reception that I did not need. Then they sent someone to bring and install the right box. Then I called to complain that I hadn't heard from anyone about the broken buddha head. That person told me it normaly takes one month to get through those things AND that I must have the item to show a supervisor when they come to inspect. No one said anything like this during my initial phone call. Thank God I saved it. So I called yesterday to complain that I STILL had not heard from anyone concerning my buddha head. I told the lady that I would start calling everyday until I recieved a check to replace it. I was transfered to a supervisor, and given the name of an individual who will expidite this issue. On top of all this I am not getting all of my channels. I told them this and they did some wierd stuff that included turning off my cable box remotely (not just cutting transmision, but actually physically turning it off-- as in not plugged in off) and they got back my missing channels but now I am missing more so a tech is coming over between 1 and 5 to fix this. At some point last night I recieved a phone call from a survey-type company wanting to know how satisfied I was with Comcast. Me, the pissed off one who's had personal property damaged and can't watch a few of her favorite channels. They wanted me to rate Comcast!! I had a few choice things to say and did give them good ratings when it came to them being polite and curteous and not being put on hold for forever and a day. They may blow you off, but they're very polite while doing it.
Add this to the stress of having to stay at a friends house because my folks have told friends of theirs that they could stay in MY apartment. The stress of this includes the place having to be clean enough to perform surgery in. And the removal of any and all items that personalize my space. The one exception? My salt and pepper shaker collection. My step-father actually thinks the collection is cool. I just need to put the shelves for them up. I would rant some more about this but I have to go put everything of mune that is in my room in a hiding place while still leaving room for the guests to put their stuff (as if this were a hotel--devoid of personality). Bitter? Who? Me?

--Little Bird is stressed to distraction

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Look at it this way, it gives you something to write about.